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Omniscient reader's viewpoint - One chance (fanfiction) by JynXlore
Omniscient reader's viewpoint - On...by Jyn Xlore
Kim Dokja failed the scenario and stucked on the horizon between the other world side. He thought he would be trapped forever but he couldn't give up. He has to save his...
Hellfire - A Dragon's Lifestory (Prologue) by BlazingDragonicWolf
Hellfire - A Dragon's Lifestory (P...by Blazing Dragon Wolf
As an egg, separated from his parents, grew up inside a cave filled with wild and even wilder beasts, a young dragon finds his way in the world, overcoming many difficul...
Your Big Bad Dream (Bigby x Reader) by vicbarr
Your Big Bad Dream (Bigby x Reader)by Victoria
A Bigby Wolf x Reader story that will thrill your senses and sweep you off your feet for a journey that'll seem too real to believe.
°•| "What Sharp Teeth You Have" |•° bigby x reader by xXgamer_gorlXx
°•| "What Sharp Teeth You Have" |•...by xXgamer_gorlXx
You are little red riding hood, and to many people's surprise, you're the big bad wolf's partner. Three years after the crooked man was locked away, reports of fables d...
Parable! Ink & Exemplum! Error || Tłumaczenie PL || by Lischadrii_Lian
Parable! Ink & Exemplum! Error ||...by Lischadrii_Lian
Hej! Witam Was w tłumaczeniu komiksów/Opisów postaci z instragrama cs.mt, nie znajdziecie tutaj tylko Parable! Inka i Exemplum! Errora, żeby się dowiedzieć, zajrzyj do k...
Symbiotic by Carnageking
Symbioticby venom
Takes place In the same universe as young justice hellspawn. Eddie Brock is a private investigator, on a case handed to him by a woman by the name of Lilith. But when he...
She's a Rebel // Ben Finn x Princess by ohnostalgia_
She's a Rebel // Ben Finn x Prince...by molly
alternatively, Ben Finn x Hero of Brightwall. named after the green day song. i think it fits, wbu there's a cash prize to anyone who can list all the random references...
The Baby and the Battlefield by CarolinaC
The Baby and the Battlefieldby CarolinaC
A baby? On a battlefield? Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend i...
FTO ,SNO ,OoO Oneshots by Damean-Williams
FTO ,SNO ,OoO Oneshotsby DameanThe Dyslexic Rat
I'll probably be doing ships I enjoy or are requested. There will not be NSFW.
Ang Ibon at ang Aso by AgentRevenger
Ang Ibon at ang Asoby uwu
Isang pabula na nilikha ni Andrei Miguel S. Hermosa
My Little Lost Girl  by palayes_baby_pirate
My Little Lost Girl by baby§pirate
Fable is the most introverted, dark, different 4 year old you will ever meet. She is also a human-lepord hybrid. Physically she is 4, but mentally she is 13-14. When the...
Amnesia // (Bigby x Reader) by tbhcindy
Amnesia // (Bigby x Reader)by 👽🌸✌🏼️
All your memories are gone and you can't even recall how you made it to Fable town. It was all a big blur but Bigby made it his duty to help you out through this rough p...
Prometheus Framed by mestrin
Prometheus Framedby Michael Estrin
Everyone knows Prometheus stole fire and gave it to humanity. Except maybe he didn't do it. Maybe Prometheus is innocent-unjustly chained to a rock, unfairly sentenced t...
Virtual Attraction [COMPLETE] by inastarrysky98
Virtual Attraction [COMPLETE]by StarrySky
When seventeen-year-old juvenile delinquent Blaze Allen stumbles upon a popular writing website called Fable, she finds a whole community of introverts just like her. An...
"My Fables" 2: Second Fable Book (ONGOING) by air-styper
"My Fables" 2: Second Fable Book (...by Animation Lover
Second Part or Second Book of entitled "My Fables." Yet, this is a story of fiction and you can learn something about it. Started: January 3, 2021 Finished: No...
Spider man into the fandom verse by MarvelousPeterParker
Spider man into the fandom verseby Peter Parker
In hopes of saving his mentor, Tony Stark, Peter Parker decided to build a machine that could open up different realities. Of course he would have to be careful, after w...
Dirty little secret {Reaver x OC} by TheGalaxyCat741
Dirty little secret {Reaver x OC}by TheGalaxyCat
What's better than marriage? A couple who dated and now ready to be married and have bratty children and at the end of their story they can lie in the graveyard side by...
Ghost of Reavers Past- ReaverxSparrow by Yikes_Babby
Ghost of Reavers Past- ReaverxSpar...by Kas
Hello! I'm Casper and I wrote this book with my friend Onica -@ArtificialStarlight, who also drew the Cover photo for this! bravo, my bab! although she did draw it like...
Apologue (PARABLE SERIES)  by godisajarel
Apologue (PARABLE SERIES) by Jarel Doroin
This is my very own masterpiece of Parables.