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Secret Trio by lunafreya51
Secret Trioby lunafreya51
"I have a letter from Madame Athalena sir." My secretary places an envelope on my desk. I stare at the envelope with my name. Pain. Anger. Disgust. I am floode...
Mr. & Mrs. MEHRA (COMPLETED) by Satz18
Mr. & Mrs. MEHRA (COMPLETED)by Sathya
Radhika runs somewhere and hides behind the pillar. Her eyes searching for someone and she couldn't find anyone. She gets relaxed and leans on the pillar by her back; sh...
My Little Kiwi [H.S] ✔️ by queen_harry2003
My Little Kiwi [H.S] ✔️by 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓉𝒽ℯ 𝓁ℴ𝓋ℯ,
*Warning: I wrote this when I first started writing here on Wattpad when I was like 13 so the writing can be pretty cringy and the plot may not always match up just plea...
Rebound  by vpsisthename20
Rebound by VPS
Dedicated to Pearbhi ❤️ While Vardhan continued to look into her beautiful face. His lips wanted to feel her lips...he controlled his strong urge to kiss her...and rubbe...
Winter's Love (HFTB Book #2) by RavenMoon06
Winter's Love (HFTB Book #2)by V
Hired for the Billionaire Book #2 Anna believed that giving William Winters time to come to his senses would result in him coming back to her and talking about what occu...
Hope In The Middle Of The Stage by myccMK
Hope In The Middle Of The Stageby myccMK
On-going They are my reasons, why I have the confidence to walk in the middle of the stage. But I am their reason why they can't be happy. *cover not mine, credits to th...
My Bad Boy by _nia_boss
My Bad Boyby ShinShin
************ I opened my locker but realized something was wrong the minute I looked inside it. Something like paint splashed in my face and on my clothes. I heard laug...
I ain't perfect (Arrogant Bastard series #2) by flora_flush
I ain't perfect (Arrogant Bastard...by 𝓌𝒶𝓇𝒹𝒶 ✮
Arrogant Bastard series #2 One night at a gala, Xavier's eye caught Alora and she is the only girl that he wants and can think of. He tries to lure Alora with his charm...
It was love at first sight for Mehran and Umaira. They were college sweethearts, everybody at college knew about them, and envied them but then what happened that the tw...
The End or a New Beginning (ONGOING)  by A_girl_imagines
The End or a New Beginning (ONGOIN...by A_girl_imagines
Two strangers. Sumedh and Mallika. A strange connection. A wedding that will change their lives forever. What could possibly happen? This is the tale of two broken he...
Bound By Contract by adelamacford
Bound By Contractby Adela Macford
Well we all have read the typical billionaire story where the guy is rude, arrogant,cold and heartless until he meets an innocent little beautiful Angel who changes his...
His Undying Love ✔ by uduliza
His Undying Love ✔by Liza Simeon
The long-awaited sequel to Her Undying Love! There stood the most gorgeous boy in Dawn Clemonte's eyes, her ex, Ash Slyvester Norman. He looked more gorgeous than ever...
Billionaire's Ex-wife  by _LittleNugget_
Billionaire's Ex-wife by _LittleNugget_
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU GOLD DIGGING SLUT!" Connor Yelled at me. I was shocked and scared. We had married for three years and now he's calling me a gold diggi...
Trip-mies by BaepsaeING
Trip-miesby BaepsaeING
Ever imagined meeting a vagrant and becoming one yourself. Larcs, an ex-hitman, living on pickpocketing accidentally encounters a vagrant, not knowing he is becoming one...
Anagapesis.. (JeongChan) by eggsodotcom
Anagapesis.. (JeongChan)by NICS ☽
From being college sweethearts to then being ex-lovers. Ever since he left the country, Jeongin has been chasing the spotlight and the applause from people in the model...
The Way This Is by ItsJustThis
The Way This Isby That's Okay
"Why do you do this to me?" he groaned looking, frustrated. We were really close now, so close that I could now smell his cologne clearly. It had been almost o...
Poems by hopelesswritingmajor
Poemsby Ariel
That are probably terrible---------- By reading this, you are glimpsing into my very soul. It's messy. It's emotional. It's my thoughts and feelings poured out on a scre...
Now We're Even by SweetTea_55
Now We're Evenby SweetTea_55
It's the one night of your life that'll last for a lifetime. Unfortunately. Eliza Thompson seems to have it all. She's pretty. Popular. And is dating the most handsome g...
Faithful Destiny 🔓 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Faithful Destiny 🔓 ♡BxB♡by Izzy
With a past, he wants to forget, Gage wants a brand new start. A start he plans to start in a little old town that accepted him so many years ago. Just as he comes back...