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Royalty Forbids; Eunbo by NuuJiyeon
Royalty Forbids; Eunboby JenweFindWays
"What if you cross paths with one of your old friends and you mean so much to that person, will you by chance, still feel... the same?" The person beside me a...
WJSN | Oneshot by leeunseo_
WJSN | Oneshotby secret
Only WJSN member! 🚨do not read my story If you are homophobic🚨
fangirl, eunbo by tiegurl
fangirl, eunboby wolo
➳ berawal dari showcase. ©tiegurl, 2019
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ALLIGATOR by yeduckie_
ALLIGATORby yeduckie
"We can't be together" "We can't, but we will be together" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A story w...
Memories Of Love by av_paris22
Memories Of Loveby av_paris22
Eunseo woke up with temporary amnesia due to concussion but her WJSN members will do their best to help her recover her lost memories. After a few weeks passed, she fina...
varm, eunbo by tiegurl
varm, eunboby wolo
➳ sangat hangat. berada didekatnya, atau hanya sekedar menatapnya. started : 6 april 2019 ended: 18 februari 2019 ©tiegurl, 2019
Sleep by Nominishki
Sleepby Nominishki
The event that transpired after this VLive: Honestly, it's just an excuse for me to write about Eunseo and Bona cuddling.
🌸WJSN🌸❤️🍀Eunbo🍀Quay lại được không... by yennhiujung992004
🌸WJSN🌸❤️🍀Eunbo🍀Quay lại được yennhiujung992004
|Fanfic|. Hôm nay cũng vậy như mọi khi tôi lại nhớ em, người con gái năm ấy tôi cũng không biết từ khi nào mà tôi lại yêu em nhiều như thế dù biết bên em đã có ai, tôi x...
Why? by bonalisks
Why?by bonalisk
Eunseo passa a se sentir sozinha desde que Bona passou a ficar mais ausente durante as promoções de Happy, por estar fazendo seu primeiro papel como atriz. O que Eunseo...
Dream or Love (Chapter 1) by 0prahsL0stChild
Dream or Love (Chapter 1)by BaBY cAkES
Eunseo, a trainee for almost a year at Starship Entertainment What would happen if a new trainee comes in and falls in love with her best friend instead of her
GANTENG SQUAD [ SEASON 2 ] by Gismi_imnida
GANTENG SQUAD [ SEASON 2 ]by Gismi Imnida
Baca dulu yg season 1 biar nyambung :) Kelanjutan kisah cinta anak-anak ganteng setelah dewasa. Sebelum baca story ini harus follow dulu atuh 😁 《Highest rank ever achie...