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Charlie's Furies by beyxrihxnikalove
Charlie's Furiesby beyxrihxnikalove
"Good morning Furies" "Good morning Charlie" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The prologue is a conversion of the reddit r/nosleep story &qu...
Devil's Bond by Piper_Pierce
Devil's Bondby Piper Pierce
The throne of Hell has been passed down for thousands of years. Roughly every century another demon becomes the next Devil through a procession of bloodshed and death. A...
Seven trials of Avalor by CrystalDeLevin
Seven trials of Avalorby Crystal De Levin
Leon wakes up in a strange dark place. He learns that he is the last line of defence against an overwhelming evil. To claim his power he must overcome 7 trials. Join Le...
The Forgotten Daughter(Book 1: Prologue) by TeenFandoms
The Forgotten Daughter(Book 1: TeenFandoms
(This book may or may not be continued depending on how many reads, or how it goes as the story goes on. It also will help you with the plot in my 2nd "Mudblood Pri...
But at What Cost by maddisJournal
But at What Costby Maddi
An Erinyes. In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the Erinyes, also known as the Furies, were female chthonic deities of vengeance, sometimes referred to as "inf...
The Angel's Fall:  A Tale of the Planes (Book 2) by NaiyaBladesinger
The Angel's Fall: A Tale of the Naiya Bladesinger
What if everyone was wrong? What if Sadie wasn't the Princess everyone thought she was? What if there was another prophecy? Orion had been charged to decipher Heaven's p...
Erinyes by mythographystudios
Erinyesby mythographystudios
She Wanted Thousands of Followers. Now There Is One She Can Never Shake Off. When a sheltered teenager starts noticing a hazy face following her in her photographs, she...