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the boy with two personalities ((ereri)) by yaoi_writter
the boy with two personalities (( αяму_σтαкυ
eren, a mysterious boy. He covers one of his eyes, nobody knows why. Because of that he gets bullied in school, he gets beaten by his dad at home. when eren moves school...
Já a gay?! by otaku_holka
Já a gay?!by Armyotaku_holka
Levi a Eren spolu mají už od školky problém. Navzájem se nenávidějí a furt mezi sebou mají války a spory... Ale co když se Leviho a Erenovo cesty skříží a začnou pociťov...
Ereri one-shot. (English version) by RebeccaSposato
Ereri one-shot. (English version)by Rebywriter
A collection of Ereri stories. Enjoy the reading!
One Heck of a Summer (ERERI) -Discontinued- by foggycows
One Heck of a Summer (ERERI) Inchy
School was over and summer had begun. Like most rowdy teenagers, Eren and his friends thought there was no better way to spend summer, then partying all night and hangin...
Blue Pajamas by sebastianskittylover
Blue Pajamasby Lucifer
A love story that involves Eren and Levi: The miracle for the city of Shinganshina has finally come when they finally were safe from titans for a while. Heck, they even...
I want you to be mine! by otaku_holka
I want you to be mine!by Armyotaku_holka
Slavný model Levi Ackerman... Jedině toho jsem vždy miloval... Jsi obklopený krásnými dívkami... Občas si říkám...jestli vůbec víš,že existuji. Jednoho dne mě ale vyhodi...
I'll be back by Kari_senpai
I'll be backby Gone sorry
England 1942: Eren jaeger is drafted into the royal air force. Levi waits and waits. Will eren come back dead or alive? • • • I don't own any characters and all that...
Merry christmas Levi! by otaku_holka
Merry christmas Levi!by Armyotaku_holka
Pohled Leviho: To budu zase na Vánoce sám? Jako každý rok... No nic...Už jsem si zvykl... Tento příběh dám na wattpad 24.12... Snad se bude líbit😁😉❤️... Vaše T.K.
(Ereri) Em thuộc về tôi... Eren by SanjiVinsmoke100
(Ereri) Em thuộc về tôi... Erenby 💙 Sanji love Green 💚
Kể về ngôi sao nổi tiếng Levi Ackerman cùng với tập đoàn gồm Armin Arlert , Mikasa Ackerman và Hanji Zoe. Cuộc gặp gỡ định mệnh giữa Eren và Levi dẫn đến những chuyện ph...
Chained together {ereri fanfic} by ecchicats
Chained together {ereri fanfic}by val-chan ♪
this is my story so please ask if you Are going to post it anywhere else thank you.
Dramatic Love (Ereri)  by __anime_adict_
Dramatic Love (Ereri) by Ciel Phantomhive
A dramatic love story about Eren and Levi from Attack on Titan. This is my first fanfiction and story in general so hope it's to everyone's liking. (Pictures belong t...
The One I love by randomshipss
The One I loveby Random ships
It all takes place in 1879, Eren's father is one of the greatest detectives in London. Eren just recently finished school, he insist on becoming a detective just like hi...
Fire // Ereri \\ by Neko-Sasuke
Fire // Ereri \\by ❤love: he❤
"I can be the fire that lights you're way, or I can be the fire that destroys everything."
Stone Soldier (Ereri)   by Ereri-on-Ice
Stone Soldier (Ereri) by Yaoi!
Fluffy Ereri smut! (Attack on titan)
Ereri One Shots by FoulMouthedShortie
Ereri One Shotsby UnamusedFangirl
One shots of my OTp Ereri. With a couple of Riren ones here and there. Obviously this is a boyxboy content so if you don't like this kind of stuff you shouldn't read thi...
Don't Touch the Corporal's Cleaning Supplies (eren x levi) by Under_t_a_k_e_r
Don't Touch the Corporal's Lucifer
Eren accidentally breaks Levi's broom, he's in for one hell of a punishment. ;) (CONTAINS BOY X BOY ACTION AND A TON OF SMUT, DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ.)
FADED {ereri} by ereri_lova
FADED {ereri}by Kaz
"You were the shadow to my light, another star... you fade away" this wasnt supposed to happen. the only thing this "relationship" was supposed to b...