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tranquil entertainment by tranquilent
tranquil entertainmentby T R A N Q U I L E N T
⁎⁺˳✧༚ᴛʀᴀɴQᴜɪʟ ᴇɴᴛ ━★applications are closed. ━★in need of trainees, models, actors and actresses. instagram: @tranquil.io copyright © 2018 tranquil entertainment™
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Gate Thus the fellowship of middle earth enters the gate by WriterWho11th
Gate Thus the fellowship of middle...by Writer
This is just a fixed version because I didn't see any more views. I'm sorry so here's the story. In the land of Middle Eaarth the kingdoms of Gondor was just got attack...
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Lord of the rings the free people of middle earth and the worlds by WriterWho11th
Lord of the rings the free people...by Writer
Kyle the Gondor solider and his army went into another world with armies from middle earth teleported into a new world. Kyle then made the free people alliance that cou...
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The Lord of the Rings Album by -Legolas07-
The Lord of the Rings Albumby Legolas
For fans...
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Acceptance - Waking Up In Another World 2 - LOTR Fanfiction by DGDSSFRSJH
Acceptance - Waking Up In Another...by Etherea
Ravera is still in Middle Earth, after somehow arriving there one morning from modern earth. After saving Boromir, but becoming critically injured herself, they continue...
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The Story Of The Woods by ZeoTolentino
The Story Of The Woodsby Seo Tolentino
We know everything in the city.. The Cars, Cellphones, Tv's... But How many things we know about the Forest? About the Woods? This is a story of Mike, Ludia and Warren...
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Realm of Magical Beings - Stranger by __Ali_stories__
Realm of Magical Beings - Strangerby Starsoul
!This is a remade version of ALI'S REALM - MINDSET! Young Jayden knew her entire life that people couldn't exactly understand her the way her family does. Every time she...
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Briarheart by trustyourstory
Briarheartby Alix Harada
Danielle "Dani" Mallon, a deaf medical student, never thought she'd see her brother again. He's been missing since she was 13 and was assumed dead, but then a...
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Last March Of The Ents  by RobertMaciasIII
Last March Of The Ents by Robert Macias
In Isengard. We Must Confront Our Fate
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If an Ent got the One Ring by AaronSand
If an Ent got the One Ringby Aaron Sand
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The Dark Seed by drjackyl6969
The Dark Seedby daniel morgan
" Men ! Arm yourselves ! screams a man in the distance. As between 5-7 armed men begin surround one man . A man wielding dual swords in such a nonchalant manner, s...
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The Adventures of the Futile Turtle by Caladwen
The Adventures of the Futile Turtleby FireMoonlightRose
Mini stories following a Turtle and animals around her in the random adventures they have. All animals are based on real people and there may be references to books and...
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Aquamarine Entertainment by aquamarineent
Aquamarine Entertainmentby aquamarineent
Aquamarine Entertainment is a Entertainment company in Seoul, South Korea and established by Red Velvet's Irene
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The Legend of Ents by Creative_Obsession
The Legend of Entsby Creative_Obsession
This is a project I had to do in my english class. I'm pretty proud of it and wanted to share if you're willing to read :)
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Leadership theory and its application: Bridging the gap by reshalivindya
Leadership theory and its applicat...by reshalivindya
There is a lot of difference between thinking about something and putting it into action, and the same applies in case of leadership theories. The gap between theories a...
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SWISS NET. by swissnet
breaking every wattpad community news, comebacks, shows, scandals, rumors and awards! just pm me if you want to contribute news!★ ©SWISS OFFICIAL.
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The Twice-Promised Child by Brigitte0987654321
The Twice-Promised Childby TangledWeb
(Twice-Promised Child is a working title) This is something I started a couple years back that I've more recently worked on more frequently. This fantasy novel takes asp...
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Gundabad by JayDogMaster
Gundabadby JayDogMaster
The Spinoff to the ' The Hobbit ' brings the adventure that tells the story of the ancient kingdom of Angmar. 85 years before ' The Hobbit '
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Of Tooks and Brandybucks by Idril_Telcontar
Of Tooks and Brandybucksby Idril_Telcontar
Faramir Took dreams of adventures and quests, and longs to be part of the great tales and songs like his father is. When Pippin tells him a new story about the mysteriou...
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