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Why you ?! I really loved you  by onwardwaltonn0
Why you ?! I really loved you by onwardwaltonn0
Kayla Johnson , 15 ans , l'ennemie jurer de Ashtray. Vous allez suivre leur histoire entre amitier , amour , trahison , réconciliation... Bref la totale. AUSSI JE M'EXCU...
Impossible, ou presque... by jenny_dsx22
Impossible, ou presque...by jenny_dsx22
Une New Romance comme on aime avec des mafieux, des crimes, un ennemie to lover... N'hésitez surtout pas à laissez des commentaires sous ce premier chapitre, je commence...
Wicked Game || EN by Meduzae
Wicked Game || ENby Meduzae
Game: the first to fall in love loses. Rule 1: No one must know of the game's existence. Rule n°2: The game stops only when one of the two has lost. Rule 3: No holds bar...
Volume 1: Rivalry across generations by jessy69800
Volume 1: Rivalry across generatio...by jessy69800
He's stubborn, arrogant and very pretentious, yet he's also cunning, ambitious and proud. In other words, he makes my head spin... - 1st year at Hogwarts ->13 years o...
Ennemie to lover by jayjay111111111
Ennemie to loverby imagine stories
A mafia leader fell in love with an other mafia leader but they are ennemies what will happen to to them, how will they be in couple...