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Cities in the Sky by TomTeller
Cities in the Skyby Thomas X. Teller
Cities in the Sky is currently undergoing editing for publication. If you would like updates on the publication process, please see the "Book Two Updates" sect...
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In Case We Die by greysons_girl
In Case We Dieby Ally Knight
When troubled teen Sawyer is shipped to the German countryside by her workaholic father to spend the summer with her cousins, her biggest concern is finding cell service...
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Parallel | ONC 2020 by lepus_leporis
Parallel | ONC 2020by call me Lepus
The world ends at 10:43am. February 12, 1950: an atomic bomb hits central Pennsylvania. All life for miles is wiped out. Except for, somehow, Alexander Dombkowski, who h...
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The Man Comes Around | Open Novella Contest '20 by _rumandcocacola
The Man Comes Around | Open Novell...by abby
Hell is rising up. There's an angel in disguise. More than half the world's population is gone. Carver is in for a ride.
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The virus by xbabes4lifex
The virusby Ella
When the world has suddenly become infected with M.I.P's -mental infection problem- the people become flesh eating- kinda like In zombieland, except that it's totally di...
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Blanket of Snows  by guelleG
Blanket of Snows by Miguelle G
Kira is a 26 year old girl who just happen to have a 23 year old brother who has autism. Their been living in a small isolated province in the Philippines for the sake o...
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In Loving Annihilation by whoreisch
In Loving Annihilationby Anna
The year is 2081 when a mysterious planet appears in the sky of London. Although not threatening at first, The Explorer soon swells closer to earth at a speed of 304km/h...
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Can I Spend My Forever With You? by OlivesInParis
Can I Spend My Forever With You?by Liv .
When their world comes crashing down, will Rae and Bentley brace themselves for the end together? After not speaking for months, Rae may not have the guts to let him kno...
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My Pity Killer (COMING SOON) by kccdrw
My Pity Killer (COMING SOON)by YannaC
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Decay by catsruletheworld3
Decayby Claire McGlaughin
*Is this the end?*
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Never walk alone  by kana_3242
Never walk alone by kana_3242
Year: 2029 Population: 400 It's the End of the world as we know it... In This world if you don't know what you're doing...then you can kiss your ass goodbye. Zombies. T...
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Only Half Dead by molly_0212
Only Half Deadby Molly Mcdowall
Global warming had always been the dominant paradigm for how the world would end. Oh how those scientists were wrong: Zombie apocalypse decided to spit in the faces of...
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This is the end of the world by millicentxx1
This is the end of the worldby •CHUROS•
The world is ending and god(who is a woman) doesn't know whether to slow down or speed up the worlds end.
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The Dreams Of Our Minds by DiscoDanger
The Dreams Of Our Mindsby anikai
Basically, I write about a dream I had, and turn it into a oneshot story, it ain't entirely accurate though, I filled in alot of blanks and such,
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Secrets Out by AlishaVasey
Secrets Outby Alisha Vasey
Follow up to Santa Carla Secret- The boys have a new problem to deal with, will they be able to cope? With new and old charaters popping up will Santa Carla ever be the...
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Scarlett-248 by LucyACB
Scarlett-248by Lucy
I'll be adding parts to this short story but this is the first one I've written. It's a dystopian set following an account from the Robot Scarlett-248.
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The world is literally ending by hannahbruschgmailcom
The world is literally endingby blankspacegrl
The world may be ending, but that doesn't mean Sanai isn't going to school.
After the End by AnnalynnWalker
After the Endby AnnalynnWalker
The beginning is now.
The Day When The World Collapsed by BluUFO
The Day When The World Collapsedby Blu
This is this the history of how the Earth died. Most people suspected it went out with a massive boom, but it was silent. A flower getting plucked from the grass made mo...
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Meep by Renyboi
Meepby Renyboi
So I started this book as a
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