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Fall In Love And Kill Some Old Gods by RushedParaphrase
Fall In Love And Kill Some Old Godsby RushedParaphrase
With the outside world destroyed by monsters and demons, and their kingdom's gates closed to all humans. A small group comprised of a forgetful Oracle, a clumsy assassin...
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There Will Be Darkness Again | A Hozier Fanfic  by Katrarelyseen
There Will Be Darkness Again | A H...by Autumn Mayfair
The end of the world has been announced. Those smart enough to get out early have fled to small settlements well outside the chaos that had befallen the city. Danielle a...
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Tacenda by crowley143
Tacendaby Xx.Sky.xX
More poetry from a moody author. Poetry about things going on in my life and how I feel about them... I don't know how to describe my poetry. Read it. Find out.
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Left Behind (Villian Deku)  by SasuNaru4ever0
Left Behind (Villian Deku) by Life’sADrag
There's a attack on the school Izuku gets attacked what happens when everyone leaves him behind? Adopted from @LittleDonutTohrou
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Apocalypse by Vyktorya13
Apocalypseby Vyktorya13
Four kids. Four Horseman. The end of the world. Join Eve, Justice, Treavor, and Cooper as they learn much more than they wanted about the Four horseman of the Apocalypse.
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Oh no- by TheWolfGirls234
Oh no-by Kathy Realmstale
(This is not an X reader, this is a trash story to be funny... and to make fun of myself): I'm a normal girl who lives life to the fullest! Well, for a socially awkward...
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Clairvoyant by ShyBananaMuffin
Clairvoyantby Too Sexy For Myself
Change has always been a horrifying concept to Catherine. It was never a kind thing to her. Now a senior in high school and meer months away from entering the adult wor...
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The Dead Don't Talk by w3tbananas
The Dead Don't Talkby w3tbananas
This is my 1st book off of a brain injury that almost killed me i am 8/12 months healed so plz dont hate on me that much. The story is about a younger teenager who lives...
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Can I Spend My Forever With You? by OlivesInParis
Can I Spend My Forever With You?by Liv .
When their world comes crashing down, will Rae and Bentley brace themselves for the end together? After not speaking for months, Rae may not have the guts to let him kno...
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Just Survive by nicolettejanewriting
Just Surviveby Nicolette Jane
It's the end of the world and Mara and Aris are alone and barely surviving. In the beginning, Mara and her mother spent months behind the safe walls of an abandoned scho...
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Rewind by MK14ShadowPatriot
Rewindby MK14ShadowPatriot
The real end and a new beginning.
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Home Sweet Home  by itsjaybear
Home Sweet Home by Jay McKee
Alex a troubled kid had to learn to live on his own when his family passed away, but little did he know the end was near for all humanity
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The Burning Rider: A ZS Story by Ihatecreepers24
The Burning Rider: A ZS Storyby Gerard Nagel
Lewis Hayes was just a 28 year old ranch hand in Texas, but everything changed when the dead began to rise. Follow Lewis as he survives the zombie apocalypse.
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The Man Comes Around | Open Novella Contest '20 by _rumandcocacola
The Man Comes Around | Open Novell...by abby
Hell is rising up. There's an angel in disguise. More than half the world's population is gone. Carver is in for a ride.
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The Dead End. by shipperbipper
The Dead End.by shipperbipper
when the zombie apocalypse begins Emmet must flee New York with his friends daphne, Conner, Ben and younger sister Emily in hope to find a safe place but as his relation...
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pretty woman [dean winchester] #wattys2019 by mellilla-rose
pretty woman [dean winchester] #wa...by 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐞 ♚
❝pretty woman, i couldn't help but see pretty woman, that you look lovely as can be are you lonely just like me?❞ .✫*゚・゚。...
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This story is the story of me. More specifically my inability to let go of childhood nostalgia. So im writing about it. But with a twist. It will include major plots, ch...
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Sleepless by taitecarter
Sleeplessby Taite Carter.
Anisha and her newly formed group of acquaintances survive the zombie apocalypse with make-shift weapons and... manners? The world tries to continue its normal routines...
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Atlas by flowerpot89
Atlasby flowerpot89
In the year 4036 the world has ended, well basically ended. ... 18 year old Kassie Roberts is one of the last standing humans left alive on earth, her parents are dead a...
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Warm Hearts by lavenderwritesalot
Warm Heartsby Lavender
He lifts her onto the counter and stands between her legs. Grayson doesn't look away from Melody's gaze. "Please. Stay with me and my tribe. I won't bare to see yo...
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