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WINDOW by KaraMels
WINDOWby Kara Mel
<Coming Soon> Just starting highschool, Destin had her whole life ahead of her. Her future was bright. She wanted to graduate high school, then go to college...
Decide your life, bitch by CastielLover2417
Decide your life, bitchby CastielLover2417
things about life situations If u choose the right situation then you're not a bitch
Life & Death by WaSimba
Life & Deathby WaSimba
Have you ever Wanted to know how you'll die.... Or when You'll die! Andrew Barkley has an average life working as an Undertaker at a Morgue, one special feature about hi...
Trumpet Boy by Stronger13115
Trumpet Boyby Livy <3
When Aidan Turner moves to town, everything changes. Aspen has never been in the popular crowd. She had been bullied her whole life. Day after day she's taunted by Jake...
Let Me Go (Book Four) by MEHollinger
Let Me Go (Book Four)by MEHollinger
With Lark's biggest secret revealed to almost all and Hydra still seeking out the Winter Soldier and Lark, time is running out. The Aether will spread, it will fade, tak...
Broken by Brokencherryblossoms
Brokenby Brokencherryblossom
⚠️TW⚠️ For me too express how I feel cuz no one understands my pain but also trying to convince myself I'm fine🥲
depressing shit i wrote  by MayaPortland
depressing shit i wrote by Maya Portland
This is just my way of letting out anger/sadness so if you want to read about the fucked up thing that i call my life read on
suicidal  by ashmalnoor2
suicidal by ashmalnoor2
all about life a love life! actually a failed one a small part of my heart like 1% of saddness and 99% of suicidal thoughts. LOVE HURTS- suicide is better then A shitty...
Poem by a-piece-of-shit-lol
Poemby .
Poem ;3 All poems are by me except one
Harambe A Tribute by ItsCommonEra
Harambe A Tributeby Ben
This is a tribute to the legend Harambe. It will be an ongoing story. Rip Harambe, we will remember you forever.
Beneath Believing by Lupisica73
Beneath Believingby Lupisica73
Four girls. 1 way out. Or... are you sure there is a way out? TW!!! There will be some triggers so, if you feel uncomfortable with reading this, please don't. Thank you...
Is it Worth the Pain? by AgathaLovesPoirot
Is it Worth the Pain?by AgathaLovesPoirot
A short story about a young model. I saw this picture one day and I immediately struck inspiration. This is my take on how true "beauty" is really seen in the...
How To Prank Tyler by SamPokemonNascar48
How To Prank Tylerby End It
Tyler is not a Satanist. K? Also, thanks for a hundred views on this pathetic story.
Suicide by Heather273
Suicideby Heather273
❗️⚠️TW⚠️❗️Just some thoughts and feelings that I need to get out.