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TELUS #EndBullying  Short Story Challenge by TELUS
TELUS #EndBullying Short Story Ch...by TELUS
Wattpad is proud to team up with TELUS for our fifth year to fight against bullying with a Story Contest! Join team #EndBullying and read for details.
Enough | ✓ by bateaux
Enough | ✓by kell
All it takes is one voice. Written for Telus - WE Day. #EndBullying Copyright © k.s. lynch 2018
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The Fairy Tale Syndrome by ChristinaAnnRiley
The Fairy Tale Syndromeby Christina Ann Riley
What do you get when you have a somewhat delusional Prince Charming and a demented Cinderella with a dark past? Chaos and hilarity, of course. Josh O'Connor first met Ru...
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Ghosts by donutinaa
Ghostsby chris(teeny)tina
In which a dead girl and a psychopomp find out what she could've been.
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Stop Making Fun of Foreign Last Names by 3pointt14
Stop Making Fun of Foreign Last Na...by 3.141592653589
Stop laughing. Foreign last names are not a joke.
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The Bright Side [An Anti-Bullying Short Story] by classypaya
The Bright Side [An Anti-Bullying...by Prarona Roy
The Bright Side [An Anti-Bullying Short Story] Patricia and Peter are twins. Patricia is lively while Peter is reticent. They are hyped up for their first day of school...
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Baja estatura/Grande autoestima by sinheart__
Baja estatura/Grande autoestimaby sinheart__
Ella es Any una niña que sufrió mucho por llegar a su gran autoestima, desde que nació hasta donde esta ahora, en esta historia, escucharas todo lo que paso anteriorment...
Scars by Joelwritesstories
Scarsby Joël
Entry for contest. Story on why we as a society have to stop bullying End it!
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#EndBullying by AvaViolet
#EndBullyingby Jessica Cunsolo
This is a commissioned story by TELUS and Wattpad about my experience with bullying, and how others have helped get me through it, including you, the reader. Check out t...
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Babygirl by SimbaandBella
Babygirlby Kimoraaa
Meet Lelani Franklin,a high school girl that goes through a lot,from her mother dying,her father being a drug addict her sister having cancer,and her brother abusing her...
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"Pig" by Bearishh
"Pig"by Bear
"Pig, Pig." He called. Which, apparently was my new name. School sucks, and bullies suck more. Getting through one whole year with a bully- not fun. Struggle...
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They Call It Pain ✓ by TahliePurvis
They Call It Pain ✓by tahlie
"the feeling comes back, they call it pain, I call it reality." [Commissioned by TELUS for their #EndBullying comment contest]
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You Are Strong by Aiddlyn_Miracle
You Are Strongby Aiddlyn Rosie Miracle
#EndBullying Life is like a story and the author is god, and each story has chapters, and each chapter has it's problems, I can't write the next chapter if I don't fini...
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You Are Not Alone #EndBullying by AnnaAlbo
You Are Not Alone #EndBullyingby Anna Albo
This is the story about my bully, Jeff. He bullied me every day for two years and although it was a long time ago, there are days I remember it so vividly. My story also...
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LIMERENCE | 12 am thoughts. by retroporn
LIMERENCE | 12 am thoughts.by c.
I was everything you ever wanted until I wasn't. Accomplishments ; #5 in Writings #19 in Excerpts #6 in Spilledink #EndBullying
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B U L L I E D- COMPLETED ✔ by GreenGirl321
"Do us all a favor and stop breathing." People will get bullied at least once in their life. But for these people, it's everyday. They get hurt, mistreated, bu...
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I D K by jcjiya
I D Kby idkidkidkidkidkidkidkidkidkid...
Growing up in a broken family, love is a foreign language to Jyia's tongue. Keeping her distance and glaring at others are her weapons. She tries to reinforce the walls...
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Girls will be girls by SaraSlawta
Girls will be girlsby Sara Slawta
i was thirteen when i cried my self to sleep at night. I wished that the bullying would have stopped, but it went on for months and years.
Just A Teardrop Away by icebearfeels
Just A Teardrop Awayby just uwu
you should describe this after reading it yourselves ;) 'there is a lot that you should hear but i prefer you to read' - Aileen vote, share, comment!
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My Bullies are Nice by 0DerpyWeeb0
My Bullies are Niceby DerpyPotato(• ᴥ •)
This is a true story of my experience with bullying, I won't put their real names though. Bullying made my life like hell mentally. Ever detail is true #EndBullying