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My child... You are safe now... by toygangrocks
My child... You are safe now...by toygang rocks
Long ago, the goddess, Fate, destroyed an AU and corrupted the sans that lived there... Error... Many centuries has passed since that day and Fate's child, Ink, ambushes...
AU sans X wolf reader by Lara_AUS
AU sans X wolf readerby Lara_AUS
You were part Wolf till your parents abused you till they kicked you out you were a 3 year old girl named Y/N you were very kind. Till you saw 3 skeletons named Ink Drea...
Nightkiller(Nightmare x Killer) Onshots\ Request by multi_ship_join
Nightkiller(Nightmare x Killer) On...by Itzkiller! sans playz
Am I jealous? Am I joking? Maybe you were made for me? All I can say is that nightmare is having none of that! Request?
Au Sanses x reader The Reality World  by XxRozxX11
Au Sanses x reader The Reality Wor...by XxRozxX11
There is a girl name Y/N, this girl was kind and an artistic, she does play games alot and knows about Undertale, Sanses and fandoms. She really really loves it but she...
Bride of Nightmare by Sona-Lover
Bride of Nightmareby Sona-Lover
Quick explain, I read alot of Bride of... someone books, like Bride of dust sans. favorite by the way. to Explain probably no one knows who Nightmare is but Dream. The r...
The Multiverse Battles by Gravityfalls59
The Multiverse Battlesby Gravityfalls59
Sequel to Crumbling Universes. After a few days everyone settled back in. The Star Sanses and the Bad Sanses rarely fight, the balance of creation and destruction are in...
wait...you love me||nightkiller fanfic||empireverse by we_love_anime
wait...you love me||nightkiller fa...by lover boi
killer is a new something of a sans he has always lived life on the edge but through everything he keeps a happy smile, people always knows him as that one guy but kille...
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Au Sanses, Dreamswap and other Multiverses on Crack by Mystic_Mystery_Wofie
Au Sanses, Dreamswap and other Mul...by SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!
The title says it all... The Sanses don't belong to me. Some are vines. Some are original and some inspired or copied.
Dream Sans AU's Shenanigans-  by Deoderentt
Dream Sans AU's Shenanigans- by Deoderentt
Technically, these are Dream and his AU's on crack. Dare or ask them! I will be drawing each, apologies are if you're not picked or anything. There might also be a story...
EmpireVerse by Sinceta
EmpireVerseby Sinceta
A war broke out between the two empires. The Empire of The Sun, and the Empire of the Moon. The two emperors are brothers but with delicate pasts. Each empire has differ...
Female Nightmare AU One Shots by ChildStar6
Female Nightmare AU One Shotsby Apple
Yea this is a one shot of fem night AUs AUs that'll be in: Original Multiverse Dreamswap Empireverse Minusculetale Swapdream (and more lol)
Epic retarded Dream sanses adventures by lovergirl9023
Epic retarded Dream sanses adventu...by lovergirl9023
Nootmare captures every Dream sans in the multiverse and things don't go as the way Nightmare wanted
Moonlight Princess (Empireverse Nightmare x Child! Reader) by Naara_No_Sabaku
Moonlight Princess (Empireverse Ni...by Kawaii Potato Queen
"What do you think?" "This is all mine?" "Well of course it is, you are my little princess now" ... "Now presenting your new queen!&qu...
Shattered Dreams ( An AU! Dream Sans fan fiction ) by The_SheikahShinobi
Shattered Dreams ( An AU! Dream Sa...by Ink
Dream has always wanted to be accepted by his brother, no matter what. However, what happens when he crosses a line that he has never dared to before...?
Undertale Multiverse au adventure  by Daina_Rose
Undertale Multiverse au adventure by 💙Dark💙
Hello everyone Today I'm going to make a story of All sanse au from different universe that go into this one world call ElementVerses So yeah A lot of fights and Drama w...
Empireverse Cream Fanfiction (On Hiatus) by Undertalefanatic101
Empireverse Cream Fanfiction (On H...by Undertalefanatic101
This will probably be trash but feel free to read it anyways- might be some lemon- I've never wrote it before but there might be some- ships ------ cream nightkiller err...
Opposing Opposites | Errorink | Empireverse  by SnowSteely
Opposing Opposites | Errorink | Em...by FAUGHTEX
[EMPIRE VERSE] ! WARNING ! Cursing, ships, NO LEMONS OR SIN. [I do not own ANY characters nor Empireverse. Just the storyline.] [Cover does NOT belong to me] - Ink and E...
How It All Came To Be... (A Empireverse Multiship Story) by IsabellaKomasinski
How It All Came To Be... (A Empire...by Isabella Komasinski
"There once was two brothers that shared a kingdom but as time went on It was clear to see that one brother was favored than the other, one was hurt one was praised...
The Sun and Moon cross paths by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
The Sun and Moon cross pathsby Silly Bean
(Inspired by, "Loyalty and Love") The Moon Empire has been living in peace for years, till Dream the leader of the Sun Empire is awoken again. The Sun and Moon...