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Palaye royale one shots🥀🖤 by Daisy_xiii
Palaye royale one shots🥀🖤by Daisy💖
Request away my bubbas! I'll be writing about palaye and anyone associated with them xx
In Memories I Remain by HeartArtemisHunter
In Memories I Remainby Heart Artemis Hunter
nøkken- shape-shifting water spirits also known as neck, nokk, nix, nixy, or nixe, originating from Germanic folklore. Known to drown and eat victims, bring sorrow. Ofte...
Vampires Will Never Hurt You by ragdoll747
Vampires Will Never Hurt Youby Tea Leith 🖤✨
In 1845, As Remington finds himself begging for help, he's shot with a needle in the neck by an experimental scientist. It kills him, at least they thought. Tea, a rese...
Palaye Royale oneshots {REQUEST OPEN} by kill_us_all66
Palaye Royale oneshots {REQUEST OP...by Ghost Walker
welcome to palaye royale oneshots i do smut,fluff whatever you want i might be able to do!
𝐖𝐎𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑 ᝰ Emerson Barrett by cupidbonez
[BOYxBOY] When surviving photographer Ashton Kelley scores an interview with a popular band, he would never have guessed that one of the band members wouldn't be much of...
I Was Adopted By YUNGBLUD (Dating Remington Leith) by Ashtonsbrokendrumkit
I Was Adopted By YUNGBLUD (Dating...by Zero
Book 2! Read my book 'Adopted By YUNGBLUD (Dating Remington Leith) "Thank you" I said. "For what?" Remington asked. "For living" I replied...
HIM 🖤 (a Remington Leith fan fiction) by ragdoll747
HIM 🖤 (a Remington Leith fan fict...by Tea Leith 🖤✨
If i see him again, cool If I don't, my fault Bella, a girl in a nasty apartment and nothing to live for Remington, a guy in a band who only lives for her Not seeing ea...
My Sweetness (Remington Leith) by L0NELYDANCE
My Sweetness (Remington Leith)by kie
"Palaye Royale?" I asked "Who are they?" Hazel Campbell, is a 20 year old music photographer living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She gets a job with fashion...
Mr. Doctor Man (Remington Leith) by nerdy_girls_221B
Mr. Doctor Man (Remington Leith)by KrashKat
She was once a lonely vampire, nowhere to turn. She was once saved by another vampire named Remington. He turned out to be a dick. But what happens when he turns out to...
palaye royale | completed by urantiexo
palaye royale | completedby e x o
Emerson(1) 'Maybe this time i will pin you against the wall.' Highest Ranking: #6 in Bands.
Adopted by YUNGBLUD (Dating Remington) by Ashtonsbrokendrumkit
Adopted by YUNGBLUD (Dating Reming...by Zero
I'm Eden and my life, is kinda crazy I'm 15, and trans Remington and YUNGBLUD story! My whole life changed forever in one day... book 1! other book is called' I was a...
Photographic//r.l.k by DeathUnderACorkTree
Photographic//r.l.kby dumbass
Rayleigh Scarlet Carlisle is an Instagram photographer Remington Leith Kropp is the lead singer of Palaye Royale She needs a job He needs a photographer One photo wil...
relapse (remington leith) by soysawce
relapse (remington leith)by dad
"all I do is ruin things, it's all I'm good at.. I don't want to add you to that list." I looked down, but he spoke up again. "It would be an honour to...
\\No Flash Photography//r.l.k by DeathUnderACorkTree
\\No Flash Photography//r.l.kby dumbass
Rayleigh Scarlet Carlisle's still heartbroken Remington Leith Kropp still regrets She has a daughter He has two brothers What if one photo changes their lives again...
Adopted By Palaye Royale  by AllElseFails
Adopted By Palaye Royale by Elizabeth
13 year old Ivy was dropped off at a adoption center when she was only 5. Spent most of her life wondering what it's like to live with people other than a bunch of kids...
Hidden Talent ➳ (Emerson Barrett x OC) by x_pinksocks_x
Hidden Talent ➳ (Emerson Barrett x...by Hiraeth
Tara Garcia has suppressed her true self for years of her life in fear of being judged by her older brother. However, when she meets drummer for Palaye Royale, her life...
Palaye Royale/Waterparks Imagines by royal-traphouse-parx
Palaye Royale/Waterparks Imaginesby jenivieve
Imagines for: Emerson Barrett Sebastain Danzig Awsten Knight Remington Leith Geoff Wigington Otto Wood
Letters To Palaye Royale by dreamingofescapes
Letters To Palaye Royaleby mushie
A story where transgender 17-year-old Harper Magee runs away from an abusive adoptive home. He managed to make it to Las Vegas before someone questioned why he was alon...
Why me ?  by purdy_odd
Why me ? by Purdy.odd
(SLOW UPDATES) Nova was always fascinated with the supernatural ever since she was little girl. She even has a conspiracy theory that Palaye Royale are vampires. Will th...
palaye royale preferences  by Kitsune_Sakura
palaye royale preferences by 【A】【c】【e】
the title explains it all (Complete)