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Sharing Corrie by heyhannahj
Sharing Corrieby Hannah Neely
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when longing is fulfilled, it is a tree of life." Corrie Walker never expected to have to abandon her English degree...
A Lady's Guide to Courtship by greenwriter
A Lady's Guide to Courtshipby J.D. Ruiz
"A love not shown is more painful than a love rejected." SHE IS DETERMINED... The town of Wickhurst sees Ysabella Everard as a spoiled, rich young girl. What...
Masterful Trickery by greenwriter
Masterful Trickeryby J.D. Ruiz
THE BANDIT She merely meant to steal and get away with it. She did not mean to find a dying woman and be chased for it. She merely meant to help. She did not mean to b...
Translucent by CarissaAtrianty
Translucentby Cloviscat
When Lisa Finch moves to a small town in Scotland after her parents' divorce, the least she expects is to see ghosts. Meanwhile, Cornelius Haywood has died for almost a...
The Wingston Town of Death (Roleplay) by 8Philip20Hamilton4
The Wingston Town of Death (Rolepl...by Pippy Hamilton Nice
For the past many years, a little town called Wingston was always peaceful. However, for the past month, a total of 10 people have been murdered. The horror is just begi...
Prelude (Underworld Fanfiction) by rushwriter
Prelude (Underworld Fanfiction)by Rushwriter
Budapest 1899. A love story set in the Underworld between Lucian and an unknown woman. While bartering with Lucian, Tanis comes out on the wrong end of a ruthless deal...
Near, Far, Wherever You Are by deadburgandyrose
Near, Far, Wherever You Areby Aundrea
Before he became an officer aboard the RMS Titanic, Harold Lowe dreamed of becoming a sailor. But when an unexpected tragedy finds the Lowe family, Lowe is forced to ste...
Bring Me to Your Stars by deadburgandyrose
Bring Me to Your Starsby Aundrea
The girl at the front register insists that the sign reading, "White Star Line Shipping Company" isn't actually headquarters. It's a gift shop. But if she thou...
Cold All the Way Through, But Warming by thecowgirlbookworm
Cold All the Way Through, But Warm...by Haley Cooley
Anastasia Dalian was not expecting to have to deal with an unwanted suitor on the return trip from unsuccessfully trying to cure her father's failing memory, but the ass...
Hearts Through Time by MarieHiggins
Hearts Through Timeby Marie Higgins
Can a lawyer solve a ghost's murder without falling in love? When a beautiful woman claiming to be a ghost from 1912 appears in Nick Marshal's new office and begs for he...
Perception  ✔ by LynaForge
Perception ✔by Lyna Forge
Stories are written by the winners. Winners who never fail to paint themselves in a 'favorable' light. I've been called evil. Twisted. Strange. Heartless. All fair asses...
The Phantasm Camera Riddle by ArijanaGrgini
The Phantasm Camera Riddleby Arijana Grginčić
Stuart is a lone photographer based in Dunfermline, Scotland. His specialty; post-mortem photography. At the beginning of the 20th century, the custom of photographing...
The Book of Fritz by HxhenzolIern
The Book of Fritzby Hohenzollernic
In the theater of one of the most dramatic times in European history, Frederick, a young King of Prussia, must overcome challenges both national and personal. Yet he soo...
Dishonoring Jack by heyhannahj
Dishonoring Jackby Hannah Neely
Wattys Awards Winner 2019 - Historical Fiction Jacqueline "Jack" Harrison is perfectly content with her reputation as an eclectic spinster with a penchant for...
Love & Murder: An Eliza Winter Mystery by edenae22
Love & Murder: An Eliza Winter Mys...by ERIN ST. JAMES
Lady Eliza Winter has one friend in the world and she happens to go missing. And when Eliza goes to report the disappearance to the police they won't hear a word from Cr...
Daughter on his Doorstep by Flo_Writes
Daughter on his Doorstepby Flo
Daniel Vincent Humphrey has never been entirely comfortable. His family loves him, but he's very aware that the rest of the world only tolerates his slow, stuttered spe...
The Time-Traveller's Choice by sennalily
The Time-Traveller's Choiceby Lily Black
One moment, Emma Scott is in her college room in 2015, and the next she's in 1921 falling in love with an ex-soldier with a charming smile and a secret... Emma's an old...
Better the Devil You Know by KannaOphelia
Better the Devil You Knowby KannaOphelia
Aziraphale furnished him with what was a somewhat lovely single malt Scotch, which Crowley wasted by swallowing down until it burned his throat. "Dagon. You have Da...
Her Royal Match by SanayaKant
Her Royal Matchby Sanaya Kant
Set in the late Victorian era of 1890 when women liberation was still a distant dream, Princess Marine , a certified doctor & a rebellion in the royal family is one amon...
evening wallflower | bridgerton  by crysilents
evening wallflower | bridgerton by m
𝙈𝙞𝙨𝙨 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙡𝙮𝙣 𝘽𝙧𝙞𝙙𝙜𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙤𝙣, much like her sister Eloise, is outstandingly progressive for her age. Of course, with the 1800s societal pressures, being a...