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Closer | ✓ by moonraess
Closer | ✓by — r o m a g s
A heroin addict struggling with recovery finds an unusual solace in a tough, fast-talking girl in his outpatient therapy group, who seems to have being happy and sober d...
Loving You Differently by feverdreamms
Loving You Differentlyby taylor pratt.
Aria Adkins only cares about three things: 1.) the bills piling up on her kitchen counter. 2.) getting her sister out of their dead-end hometown and off to college. 3.)...
HTTYD: You Don't Know the Meaning of "Nice"? (Hiccstrid) by marshmellow_pillow
HTTYD: You Don't Know the Meaning...by Calica
Astrid's mother was an abusive alcoholic. Her father was a liar. She experienced little kindness since her father took her from her mother. Before then, he was the best...
Corona Virus X Flu Virus by YNisgay
Corona Virus X Flu Virusby YNisgay
Corona is the new girl in town and EVERYBODY hates her!!! one day she met a real charmer by the name of Flu who knows everybody!! will he even notice her!?
⚜Boss Lady⚜ //MGL// by kimhana_ily
⚜Boss Lady⚜ //MGL//by 김하나
!!!!!!!!+16!!!!!!!! Би зүгээр л дурлахыг хүссэн..... тэгтэл тэр залуу намайг ийм байдалтай болгочихсон.... ..... ..... ..... ..... Мансууруулагч
My lucid dream by piscesandpizza
My lucid dreamby piscesandpizza
Started on the 5th of February 2020 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Harley El-Day. A 17 year old girl from England with an undiscovered talent of singi...
Because of You  by goldenxlouis
Because of You by ♡( ◡‿◡ )
After almost being caught by the police for dealing drugs, Harry needed a place to stay. He was stranded in the middle of Chicago but had no where to go until he remembe...
Stripper /• Diablo •\ by Kharifuckingsucks
Stripper /• Diablo •\by ☆KHARI☆
"Give me 2 weeks please, I can make you more than just some stripper"
Astray | PJM by crypticblade
Astray | PJMby Alyer♡
"We're all addicted to something that takes the pain away." Park Jimin is broken and scarred, still carrying the scars and wounds from his childhood. He could...
My drug addict saviour by SweetZafirah
My drug addict saviourby Sweet Zafirah
🎀Ranked #5 in risks. 🎀Ranked #3 in Young Adult What happens when Alandria, a very shy girl who has never stood up for herself, slaps the handsome guy who nobody dares...
Smoke. by SilliiBean
Smoke.by Cheyenne Smith~Baptiste
A short story about an average teenager's downward spiral into severe drug addiction. Ethan Perkins doesn't have much going for him, but he usually just accepts that thi...
The Home Maker by Simplypresh
The Home Makerby William Precious
She managed to bring joy to her family and helped to keep the Alexanders together. But will she be able to keep her kids together after sending them to a boarding schoo...
The Immorality of Love {H.S.+L.T.} by nipslipirwin
The Immorality of Love {H.S.+L.T.}by Nipslipirwin
"We are almost in £26,000 worth of debt." ... "We're going to be homeless in two months.". Bring on the drugs... "Harry, you are pregnant."...
Shattered and Broken- C.Brown by DreamingAlchemist
Shattered and Broken- C.Brownby M.J Swing
Chris Brown was a young multi-talented superstar with everything he could ever imagine. That was before his drug addiction took everything he worked for away. Chris is l...
Cupid's Mistake (larry mpreg) by 1dsuckDEEZNUTS
Cupid's Mistake (larry mpreg)by caroline
There were four things I was certain of. One, it's hot as Hell outside. Two, I somehow managed to get my boyfriend (who is male!) pregnant. Three, if I don't stay in lov...
Social Suicide {Trippie Redd fan-fiction} by AcidicRose2468
Social Suicide {Trippie Redd fan-f...by Trippie Reddxxx
A teenage girl who is suffering from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. She has trouble with being around too many people as it leads to social suicide and she ha...
 Cut Myself {lil peep} by ii_maxx_ii
Cut Myself {lil peep}by ii_maxx_ii
Nineteen years to win his heart, a combination of drugs to break hers.
Blue Crystal Heart by canusurvivethedead
Blue Crystal Heartby canusurvivethedead
Hanna has found the love of her life, and she really does love him despite his haunting past. But what will she do when the past revisits her boyfriend Jesse and affects...
A True story of The Sanchez' Kids (Imagines) by Shalease29
A True story of The Sanchez' Kids...by Anteishia Roberts
The Sanchez Kids- Brittney, Willie "Lee", and Tony were born and raised in the ghetto of Queens, New York to their mother, a waitress/drug addict and father...
Three words Eight Letters  by eesharh__
Three words Eight Letters by Ayeesha
Al-amin Massoud; a charming heartthrob finds a girl who doesn't fall for him and make his life miserable with a twist fun,falls in love with her rude,sassy attitude. Am...