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MyStreet Lemons  by MyStreetLemonade
MyStreet Lemons by MyStreetLemonade
So many Lemons to read! Not enough time! Read all the Lemons I've published! ❤️💜 🖤💗 💚💙+
Idfc // Blackbear by fmlmaddy
Idfc // Blackbearby Maddy
caitie and blackbear have been friends since forever. smoking and drinking is all they do, little dose caitie know the she is the reason blackbear produces songs. will t...
Keemstar X Reader by Ashley1012414
Keemstar X Readerby ~Ashley~
(I wrote this in 2016 and it is very cringy. Do not read.) you're in love with the gnome. (drinks bleach for even considering writing this)
In love with a Furry {Pyrocynical x reader} by Juseyo_trash
In love with a Furry {Pyrocynical...by Molly juseyo
Cringy shit x Reader of Pyrocynical and yourself dearest lovely reader Enjoy \( ̄▽ ̄)/ You are a 19-year-old girl living in the Uk who is a gaming / commentary YouTu...
Touba x Toubey Chicken (H8 My Life) by Black_Pine
Touba x Toubey Chicken (H8 My Life)by Dyox Pine
So this is supposed to be a dare from a friend follow him @CXUsername666 And the dare was to write this fanfic... Its all about..two people. Or is it? Just don't feel we...
°--_s p r e a d i n g  h o p e_--° by Official_Rat
°--_s p r e a d i n g h o p e_--°by M̆̈ȏ̈M̆̈ȏ̈
if you are reading this you are now apart of the Hope Cult..we will spread hope (and corona-) through the world and your Wattpad search history ...
I Komaedalove You (and mail) by poppyisgod
I Komaedalove You (and mail)by Mari ♡
Mod 12 finds that he has feelings for Mod 16. What happens next will surprise you.
Becoming undead  by Queennakyra
Becoming undead by Queennakyra
Just me ranting and exaggerating my life
Justin Bieber X reader by imtrash115
Justin Bieber X readerby #1 trash
First of all I needed bleach w/ me when I wrote this. Also before u read this just to let u know that I'm not a JB fan *sry* n that a friend of mine said to make a fanfi...
Drink Bleach by AestheticGavin
Drink Bleachby Gavin Ballew
Drink Bleach sounds yummy right. Just open up that blue cap of clorax and be like ohh ya this is the stuff. Take a couple shots and get high on the fumes. Oh but this...
A fiery tale by User6667182626972672
A fiery taleby Ur local slut
I just took this on a story generator and it's bloody hisarius to me and I can't spell so deal with it Have fun ig Ligit just sum fun 😩😩😩
Kansas Kids (Tanner Braungardt X Reader) *ON HOLD* by lsbsbsixjnd
Kansas Kids (Tanner Braungardt X R...by oof
You, Tanner, Quinten, Dylan and basically the entire Braungardt family have been friends since God knows when. But when you have to move away from the place you've lived...
Shrek The Poet by drinkyourkelpshake
Shrek The Poetby Mortis
Shrek's poems
i'm a narcissistic piece of shit by formidabie
i'm a narcissistic piece of shitby uwu
read about me and my whining if you want the cover pic isn't mine edit : 200+ reads holy shit you guys are crazy
The Story Of Nicki Malik... by SlimThiccBaddie
The Story Of Nicki Malik...by SlimThiccBaddie
Nicki Malik is gone! This is how she disappeared.... ??