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Mystic academy   (gxg) by Rosieeekx
Mystic academy (gxg)by Rosieeeeeeee
"In the world that we live In, mythical creatures don't exists. That's just the way the world is, always has been and always will be." That's what my science t...
The Dragon Huntress by G3o7l4
The Dragon Huntressby G3o7l4
Even when growing up, Elia didn't fit in with the other girls. They would dress up in dresses. She wore cloaks. They would cook and sew. She would throw knives. They lik...
Sang's Dragon by GBsang
Sang's Dragonby GBsang
A story about Sang, the first ever female to receive the mark of a dragon. Living in a world full of dominating males, she struggles to prove that she's no ordinary girl...
Winds Of Change by klasvaakie
Winds Of Changeby Danielle
"It's a strange thing fate... You can't control it, you can't change it, as it walks hand in hand with destiny." - Airis Fox[the lost girl] Airis Fox is a gir...
Heart of a Dragon Rider (Loki x reader) by KSeasong
Heart of a Dragon Rider (Loki x re...by KSeasong
You are a dragon rider who is also part of the Avengers. You have a dragon named Eclipse who is an endangered species of dragon known as the Night Fury. Loki moves into...
A Crown of Gold by redible
A Crown of Goldby Alexis Rose
"Many of the villagers claimed you were born to please a dragon with that golden mane and those ruby eyes." Asha disagreed. She didn't believe she was born to...
Dragon Heritage by AryaNwright
Dragon Heritageby Arya R.G
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
A Dragon's Rider (Unedited) by 101silver_wolf
A Dragon's Rider (Unedited)by 101silver_wolf
UNEDITED VERSION ( edited version on my page) In a world where every year, five male children from each city and village between the ages 15-18 are chosen to become drag...
Sky Of Wings by TerraBrande
Sky Of Wingsby T.K Brande
Every 5 years 20 people are picked each from the four Kingdoms to become a Dragon Rider or Griffin Rider, and 30 people each for a Magic User. But what if you could be b...
The Sixth Dragon Rider by Veni_Vidi_Scripsi
The Sixth Dragon Riderby Kat
Aura is a regular girl from a small village who doesn't think herself anything special. But everything changes when she is picked to be a dragon rider. The only thing...
Dragon of Three Colors by ScarletSakuraTree
Dragon of Three Colorsby ScarletSakuraTree
Young Silvia was always told to be wary of dragons. She was always told that they were too dangerous for little girls like her, and at that age Silvia couldn't do much t...
Dragon Kin - Awakening by EFLeah
Dragon Kin - Awakeningby EFLeah
*Book 1 in the DragonKin series* Vada and her siblings spend their days carving out a living in the Rystwith Mountain village of Riska. Together they live as outcasts i...
The Daemon Queen by Tzhandire
The Daemon Queenby Tamara Matiya
Imagine walking in on your best friend and boyfriend going at it. Imagine getting so drunk you forget your name. Imagine waking up in a stranger's bed. Imagine this stra...
Legacy in Ruins: Dragon Rider Book 1 by icecoilaj
Legacy in Ruins: Dragon Rider Book...by icecoilaj
Norah Crimson's whole life has revolved around becoming a mage like the rest of her family. However, on Choosing Day, a freak twist of fate propels her into the world o...
The Girl with the Changewing Cloak (RTTE Fanfic) by MiniDragonRen
The Girl with the Changewing Cloak...by MiniDragonRen
Only the figure's eyes were visible, the rest hidden by a changewing cloak. Hiccup's jaw dropped as he realized. He knew those eyes. * The Dragon Riders have just defeat...
Seaweed Dragon by wysteriaxx
Seaweed Dragonby Lauren
Everyone deserves a break right? Well not everyone gets that break Take it from Percy Jackson, who's fought in 2 wars and is now needed again. But this time by the fates...
Soul of the Sky (HTTYD Runaway Fic) by Isarn09
Soul of the Sky (HTTYD Runaway Fic)by Isarn Dragoni
On this day, the world changed forever. On this day, one small boy took the first step on a path to becoming a legend. One child. One dragon. One choice. A choice that w...
The Last Dragon Rider by anythingeeky
The Last Dragon Riderby Anythingeeky
It's my secret My name is Scarlet Haven, and I am a dragon rider. I've hidden this for almost all of my life knowing if I'm caught I'm dead. Dragon Riders are powerful...
Mother of Flames (C. Rutherford - DA:I) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Mother of Flames (C. Rutherford...by Lone-wolf-fanfics
When Daenerys attended the Conclave, she, along with all the other rebel mages, was hoping for peace to be brokered, what she didn't expect for the Temple of Sacred Ashe...
Dragonscales by CheesyPotatos365
Dragonscalesby Ash
Thistle is an elven dragon rider who finds herself living with the Avengers after helping with a mission. Loki tried taking over New York City, and as punishment must be...