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~Ruined Innocence~  Edd x Edgy! Gamer! Reader  by EmmiTrash
~Ruined Innocence~ Edd x Edgy! EmmiTrash
Double D x Reader I can't wait to see how this turns out. Make sure you read the prologue for more information about the reader and plot. 😃 [Btw everyone is in high s...
Ed edd n Eddy preferences by Katiesrep
Ed edd n Eddy preferencesby кαтιє 🌻
In this story, you're 17+ , and for Eddy's brother, you're 23. All thirteen characters from the show are included. Feel free to make requests! Started January 2020.
Edd x Marie - A Heart's True Desire by NicholasRajack
Edd x Marie - A Heart's True Desireby Nicholas R.
One year following the Big Picture Show, the Kanker sisters left the trailer park, and after 3 years of absence, they make their return to Peach Creek to the initial dis...
[Edd X Eddy ]Can't you love me instead?  by Kitten1134
[Edd X Eddy ]Can't you love me The End Is Near
Edd x Eddy fanfiction: Eddy has always had a crush on his best friend ever since Kevin dared him to kiss Double D. He would simply ask him out, but there's just one thin...
Something More by NekoPikachu
Something Moreby Caitlin Isabelle
A Kevedd (Kevin x Edd) Fan-fiction He looked down at me, the same expression from earlier. His eyes flickered from each part of my face. Before I knew it my cheeks were...
Edd x Marie - The High School Changes Everything by MisterR94
Edd x Marie - The High School MisterR
PART 6 contains MATURE contents. I hope you like it! The Eds have grown and now they go to highschool. They're not much changed outside. But inside it's different. The m...
KevEdd : It Didn't Start Like this by RayaBomb
KevEdd : It Didn't Start Like thisby Saturning
Kevin had always bullied the trio-Ed, Edd, and Eddy since they were young. He didn't think much of it. Ed was an airhead. Edd (otherwise known as Double D) had always be...
Just kiss Already✔️ by PrinceCrissy5210
Just kiss Already✔️by 🌺•••Crissy•••🦄
Edd Or Double D Has Always Had a Secret Crush On Kevin and Kevin has Always had a Crush on Edd But Things Would Never Work out since there World is so Different. Kevin'...
Double Dork, I Love You ( KevEdd ) by Hashmellow
Double Dork, I Love You ( KevEdd )by Hashmellow
What Are You Hiding?  by Kitten1134
What Are You Hiding? by The End Is Near
{On Hiatus} Last thing I should be doing is starting a new story when I already have so many other unfinished stories. Everybody in the cul de sac has always wondered wh...
The Last Big Scam [Completed] by Loreisnotonfire
The Last Big Scam [Completed]by Typicalfangirl17
The last year of their high school life Eddy and Ed drag Edd into their biggest scam yet. Their original plan doesn't go as planed, and none of them saw it coming. Discl...
The Blue Haired Girl by _queen_lilith_
The Blue Haired Girlby Isabel Robles
The Eds are now starting high school. Nothing has changed much except Double D's feelings for his long time childhood stalker Marie Kanker. He feels something more the B...
[KevEdd] Don't forget me (Boyxboy) by ohtheships
[KevEdd] Don't forget me (Boyxboy)by Jay Juvar
When Kevin comes back from a long trip things aren't the same. Edd has never been this stressed. How can he keep focused with all this new drama. Why is he like this any...
About Last Night..... by galacticghost69
About Last Dad Mom
Ed and Eddy get a bit frustrated when Edd stops hanging out with them. They start to ask questions.
Freaks and Geeks by amiricles
Freaks and Geeksby The Amiricles
The Cul-De-Sac kids have graduated high school (or for some are still there) and have moved on in life. They've all gone down their own paths, some pursing the starving...
Don't Let Me Go (Kevedd) by CommanderxD
Don't Let Me Go (Kevedd)by CommanderxD
Ed, Edd, and Eddy are on a beach trip, until things turn sour. Suddenly Edd finds himself alone, and the only one he can count on just wants to hurt him.
The New Kid: An Ed, Edd 'n Eddy Fanfiction by caprisun7259
The New Kid: An Ed, Edd 'n Eddy Angie
Fourteen year old, Angela Everlyn, experiences a new life in Peach Creek. Being the first to encounter the Eds, she slowly grows fond of one of them as time goes by. But...
The bad boy with the black beanie by jojolove15
The bad boy with the black beanieby Fallen Star
This is my first book and I know some people won't like it but I'm still writing it! So to start I don't own anything. This is a reverse edd x reader and your back story...
Who Knew? (KevEdd Fanfic) by jiminie-xo
Who Knew? (KevEdd Fanfic)by yoongified 🥰
"Double D?" I gotta do it, I gotta tell him. "Yes, Kevin?" Double D stared at me with those big, beautiful Cyan eyes of his, "I...I-I think I'm...