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l'élixir du sommeil by ninou-fr
l'élixir du sommeilby ninou-fr
couple : luxus x mira... grey x lucy.. genre : elixir, magie, amitié, +12 ans
Dormant by TheoriginalBria
Dormantby Bria
A world where being yourself is a crime.. A world where your born with extraordinary talents and shunned for having them... A world who's future is leading to destructio...
Les contres de Perrault by ThoMario6
Les contres de Perraultby Théo Mario
Ceci est un recueil de plusieurs contes de l'auteur Charles Perrault. Sources : Charles Perrault, né le 12 janvier...
I don't know what to name this yet. by namani1102
I don't know what to name this WoF Addict #1
Pirola is at war.Lavender has lost her memory.Dormant and the other Claws of Unity are trying to stop the fighting tribes.Crescent can't stop the waves of prophetic drea...
Dormant? by gekintner
Dormant?by Trigger Kintner
Being new to school is hard. Being new to school AND having to live in your twin brother's shadow of perfection, now that sucks. Kori is a 17 year old, social outcast, w...
Dormant Guardian Chronology by Lakhdar_Lakhdari
Dormant Guardian Chronologyby Lakhdar_Lakhdari
A series of stories about universal events told by the exiled God Mars
Zoey Diaries by AbigailSinclair
Zoey Diariesby Abigail Sinclair
This is about a teenage girl who has been transferred to a new school and finds it hard fitting in... her best friends are no longer her best friends and she gets dragge...
L'histoire original de La belle au bois dormant  (Parodie) by Epan12
L'histoire original de La belle Epan12
L'histoire original de La belle au bois dormant
Journal of the Eldest by Sa5MuelB
Journal of the Eldestby Sa5MuelB
I have lived for almost six millenia. I have seen empires rise and fall but at least I have yet to fall. But when those I left to rule remember that I exist and I am mor...
Hyun-Ki and Jessica by evizjanson
Hyun-Ki and Jessicaby evizjanson
When Jessica goes to Korea to study for a few years, the last thing she had in mind was to find love, but when she meets Hyun-Ki, things change.
The Dormant and the Alpha by jazzy_bear97
The Dormant and the Alphaby jazzy_bear97
17 year old Meredith has lived her whole life as a regular small town human girl, but when she meets her Alpha mate Eric on her 18th birthday that will all change. As Me...
Dormant by thenighttimelife
Dormantby thenighttimelife
Her love was dormant. So much of it lived in her heart, yet she chose not to express it. Instead, she concealed her feelings for those around her, and was careful to no...