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Random by A_Slice_of_Tea
Randomby ~~Fandom Trash~~
This is most likely going to be my most active book, posting at least once every weekday. It will include: Crapposts Oneshots Situations Images from the internet OCs Bas...
Tulips in Bastille by Hierarchy-is-Anarchy
Tulips in Bastilleby Evelyne Sang
Nico gets cheated on after a misunderstanding. It's like Percy betrayal! fics with a twist. Dead dove: do not eat. Major character death. You have been warned
Indivisible | Haikyuu by Tsukki_K
Indivisible | Haikyuuby Tsukki
The team of Karasuno high had always been blessed with uncanny luck and miracles. The issue was that miracles refused to come when they truly wished for it. Miracles and...
I'm Sorry by sidewayshedgehog
I'm Sorryby sideways
Another short story- quite sad and quite major character death (it's complicated and non-graphic). Based on a prompt by @drink-it-write-it on Tumblr.