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Love will find a way by nazfer001
Love will find a wayby nazfer001
Nazli & Ferit were living their lives pursuing their dreams. What unfolds when they come together? Was it destiny or a set up?
All about him by nazfer001
All about himby nazfer001
Nazli and Ferit used to write to each other but lost contact. What happens when they finally meet in person and all the secrets that unfold?
With Love, Nuri [1] ✅ by Albatroscy
With Love, Nuri [1] ✅by Acy
"You are golden, like light" I said. She glanced at me and I, at her eyes. I gazed at her hoping she would realize. I could sense her heart getting warmer by...
Take Me To Your Heart by franklikesduckies
Take Me To Your Heartby Nish
If there is one thing Sejal loves, it is control. Falling in love means giving that up, so she is determined not to do it. All she cares about is her family and her work...
Far Side of the Dolunay by duffsteroo
Far Side of the Dolunayby duffsteroo
A love letter to Nazlı and Ferit - spotlight on those favourite scenes, expanding them and imagining some brand new scenes too. Exploring the 'far side' of the full moon...
Tatlı Aşk (Sweet Love) (Can & Ozge)  by sculpordwarfblackeye
Tatlı Aşk (Sweet Love) (Can & aurea maceda
Can Yaman, son of the billionaire mogul, Guldem Yaman, goes home to Turkey after 3 years. His girlfriend and fiancé, Demet Ozdemir, died due to a car crash 3 years ago...
Is the Turkish Dizi Rom-Com A "True" Rom-Com?Case in Point: "Dolunay" by MonicaRita1943
Is the Turkish Dizi Rom-Com A " Mary Bloyd
An essay on the Turkish dizi rom-com genre.
Dolunay by merickutluu
Dolunayby merickutluu
Ailelerinin arkadaşlıklarından tanışarak başlayan bu aşk belki de bir dolunay gibi herkesi kendine tutultacaktı...
Mʏ Kɪɴɢ ♚ by EmilyStone498
Mʏ Kɪɴɢ ♚by Emily Stone
cosa succede quando incontriamo il nostro attore preferito?. Bene la protagonista di questo romanzo si farà la stessa domanda, perchè grazie alla sua amica realizza que...
Duyuru 7 ozanbahar ilişkisi mi ????? var hadi işallah ozabah olmuştur❤️❤️❤️ by cenkcerenozanbahar
Duyuru 7 ozanbahar ilişkisi Cenkcerenyiğitışıl
Ozan bahar ilişkisi var deniyor ama Ozan ve bahar itiraz ediyor bence var gibi ne kadar itiraz etseler de ozabah oluyor bence hadi bi umut ozanbahar olsun😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Hep beraber tatil de ozabah berser idrsim ozabah  aşkı başlıyor by cenkcerenozanbahar
Hep beraber tatil de ozabah Cenkcerenyiğitışıl
Ozabah tatilde ve aşık olcaklar set dizi arkadaşlar
With Love, Nuri [3] by Albatroscy
With Love, Nuri [3]by Acy
Nuri and Ferit are the perfect couple in everyone's eyes. Even after five years, their love stays intact and passionate. Being young parents to two lively kids and Idris...
Friends or Lovers?  by mabzymabz
Friends or Lovers? by MabzyMabz
This is a fan fiction about Can and Demet. The real life characters in Erkencikus ❤️
Istanbul'da by JohainaOumghar
Istanbul'daby Johaina Oumghar
Now available as a paperback! I will keep a few chapters up here, but to discover more about Malak's adventures in the city...
The Brothers' Chronicles by TaraTvarita
The Brothers' Chroniclesby TaraTvarita
Ever thought about a situation where our beloved characters Can, Ferit and Özgür are brothers? Ever imagined the joys, laughters and banters with a healthy dose of brom...
The Magic of Full moon by testname231
The Magic of Full moonby testname231
This is a Fanfic for the popular Turkish soap "Dolunay". The story starts from the day Nazli and Ferit are supposed to get married. What happens if Nazli is no...