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Doctor who imagines  by dancemagicdancex
Doctor who imagines by dancemagicdancex
10,11,12 and 13th Doctor included and also 9 because don't skip nine people!! Duh!
Purple Vortex [II] by LoneWolf917
Purple Vortex [II]by LoneWolf
<Second in the Vortex Series> Galaxy absorbed the heart of the Tardis, but at a cost. Not only did she end up regenerating but so did the Doctor, and now both with...
Doctor Who by CallumStook
Doctor Whoby Callum Stook
Series 1 Episode 2 -Spirits Of Terra Arrak - This episode an old enemy of mine is now living on another planet that they can also inhabit through their gassy forms... Th...
doctor who oneshots by xmultifandomm
doctor who oneshotsby katie x
a collection of doctor who imagines for you to read :) feel free to request, will do smut x doctors 9-13, rose tyler, captain jack, martha jones, donna noble, amy pond...
Random stuff I found on the internet  by Fictionfan21
Random stuff I found on the An idiot
Just stuff I've found on my travels through time and space... okay the internet.
💜Random One Shots💜 by KimAckermann
💜Random One Shots💜by KimmieHargreeves
This book will consist of some random one shots I have done that doesn't fit in a specific book I have done. There will be one shots based on characters from tv,actors...
GIF IMAGINES (Book Two) by SarahCobbler
GIF IMAGINES (Book Two)by SuperWhoLockFlarrow
Gif imagines for the following: Supernatural Doctor Who Sherlock DC Shows (Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends, Batwoman, Stargirl) Marvel (Limited, for now. Have to wat...
THE TIME CHILD by ragdoll_13
THE TIME CHILDby Ella Watson
'Sarah told me once that: "Pain and loss define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it's a world, or a relationship... Everything has its time. And everything...
The Avatar/ Doctor Who parody  by h20hoodini
The Avatar/ Doctor Who parody by h20hoodini
Avatar Roku has reached his avatar state to regenerate. 500 years has passed since the avatars last regeneration People are now thinking the avatar was all a hoax and a...
Weeping Angel: Malvada (Book 1 of the Weeping Angel Series) by ThatGirlBoss
Weeping Angel: Malvada (Book 1 Yashvi Shah
TheFriendshipAwards 3rd place winner (2017) *** I take a deep breath and say flatly, "What I'm about to tell you is very important. It's called the Angel Rule.&quo...
MultiFandom Oneshots》  SLOW BUT REQUESTS OPEN by BerryCRYPT
MultiFandom Oneshots》 SLOW BUT be kind
___》Welcome!____________________ contains: x readers, ships, otp's, brotp's, fluff, angst, romance, friendship, hurt/comfort, and more. fandoms of all sorts. requests a...
An Angel Amongst the Stars (Supernatural x Doctor Who) by fanatic_squared
An Angel Amongst the Stars ( Fanatic Squared
Angela is the middle child of the Winchester family, she leaves for London, England when her youngest brother, Sam Winchester is sent to the cage. Even though she just w...
From Another World by laybrinth101
From Another Worldby labyrinth101
[Series I-Episode I] Elisabeth notices an outdated police box while wandering through 1977 England. She investigates, discovering it's a time machine. An alien called Th...
Shattered Angel [Book 2-Angel Amongst the Stars] by fanatic_squared
Shattered Angel [Book 2-Angel Fanatic Squared
It's been a year since Angela, Dean, and Castiel were sent to Purgatory after killing Dick Roman and defeating the Master. Upon her escape, Angela finds herself in Leadw...
Doctor x Reader by KimberleyGodfrey
Doctor x Readerby DracoSimp
You're a lonley young 21 year old girl. Your boyfriend just broke up with you so you are feeling depressed. One day you decide to go to the park and have a little stroll...
13th doctor x reader  by midnightmountain
13th doctor x reader by midnightmountain
You were abandoned by your parents when you were just 11 years old and you had to learn to fend for yourself. You met a friend in high school but then fifty years later...
clashildr one shots by stilln0pe
clashildr one shotsby stilln0pe
a book of one shots,,, but it's not smut (and the grammar is somewhat decent, I swear)
The Master and Yaz || Gentle Monster by slumptydumpty007
The Master and Yaz || Gentle ☆• Slumpty~Dumpty•☆
When Yaz is alone. Without the Doctor. On a TARDIS. And stuck with the Master. She can really one thing. Bug him for questions and hope he won't decide to kill her.
Doctor Who by CallumStook
Doctor Whoby Callum Stook
Series 1 Episode 1 - Electric Shock - I am back! I am The Doctor once again! It's been a while and now I am reborn once again as The Doctor! Jodie's Doctor regenerates i...
Multi-Fandom Madness Awards [2020] by pixarpuff
Multi-Fandom Madness Awards [2020]by 𝐈𝐌☀️
Multi-Fandom Madness Awards are for all the fanfiction writers out there who want to get recognised. This is an awards book for Harry Potter, Marvel, Once Upon A Time...