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And Then There Was Victor by isabelle_olmo
And Then There Was Victorby Isabelle Olmo
Victor Manning has been infuriating Becka since she sat behind him in 7th grade English. He's cocky, self-centered, obnoxious, and above all, he's somehow discovered tha...
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Dreamchasers by Reo_Aoki
Dreamchasersby Aquilina
Beth is a fashion designer wannabe who unexpectedly got accepted into one of the best prep schools in the nation. She is creative and ambitious but secretly struggles wi...
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DOGS OF WAR by evitos
DOGS OF WARby 𝖙𝖔𝖒𝖆𝖘
❝ they were gods who had abandoned all but a shred of their divinity. ❞ The Vierzieu King is dead, but that hardly matters, for the death one King gives birth to anothe...
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Breaking Nerium by nepenthist
Breaking Neriumby song
Trusting others is the downfall of your own game. Soaring up the sky, allowing yourself the hawk eye view of the senior year drama comprising of heart break, murder, bla...
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Lovers Anthem  by jgbhotline
Lovers Anthem by ♡
❝ Falling 'madly in love' with you would be considered a fucking tragedy. ❞ Remedy Lane is an outgoing adolescent that has everything 'going for her' , loving friends, p...
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Urban Folklore  by carlin1976
Urban Folklore by carlin1976
'Concerning Melissa' Episode 2
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Busy Tonight  by CupydesArrow
Busy Tonight by Nerd_Chronicler
Langa, or better yet known as Sunny gives us her own personal view of her experiences of being a foreigner in America. Laughs, love and heartbreak are sure to follow he...
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IDENTITY by dkobsAngelou
What would you do if as you discovered more of your past you realised it has been all a lie? That all the childhood stories, the giggles and laughter all twisted into a...
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Paradise of Love (Disappear) by armeneusa
Paradise of Love (Disappear)by Liz G. Armeneusa
Death was the most beautiful thing that brought you to me, darling... Wattys 2018 Longlist Finalist in Turkey List English version of Aşkın Cenneti. You can access my b...
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The Masked Maniac by sumeyaalington
The Masked Maniacby s u m e y a
Kidnapped from her own bed, Saffron (Ron for short) does not want to believe that she will never see her family again, never kiss her boyfriend one last time, or hold he...
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Nothing's Written on the Stars  by woongy
Nothing's Written on the Stars by veronica w. 🍰
"Can't you see? There are no boundaries to what we could do! We could save them! There are no reasons to just run away. Those were smashed into spacedust!" &qu...
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She Walks in Beauty by Astridhe
She Walks in Beautyby K. Olsen
A child of Stormhenge, child of the giants of legend, Rúna has grown up sheltered among her own people, looking forward to the day she sets out into the wide world with...
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The Tides That Bind Us [AfroFuturism] by IntoTheTempest
The Tides That Bind Us [AfroFuturi...by Jaxon M. Tempest
The year is 2163, and the 700 Isles drift along seas blackened with secrets and scandals and the souls of men too wicked for damnation. A Nation that rose above. A Nati...
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Daphne by nepotismandneurosis
Daphneby michelle
Daphne has had her fair share of struggles. OCD, depression, and anxiety hold her hand as she goes through her daily life, percolating the other aspects of her life and...
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Who Will Remember Me by XantheRowds
Who Will Remember Meby Xan❄
After being framed for a terrorist attack, the vulnerable eighteen-year-old Hafsa Karim drops out of school and teams up with a group of dangerous criminals. With their...
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