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Her Calling by Mbalii
Her Callingby Mbali
This is the story of how my supposed one true love, the man who is destined for me - my moon goddess chosen soulmate broke my heart and chose someone else. The story of...
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Disney Rebels by shakespearian1
Disney Rebelsby Cosette Altair
Welcome to Enchancia's Academy for Rebels! Harbored at this boarding school are the secrets of each and every student. Under the assumption that they are safe, their s...
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Sanctum (Supernatural Romance) by JMFelic
Sanctum (Supernatural Romance)by Master's_Pet
Rank #38 in Romance 11.21.2015 **Included in @KatyDreams Wattpad's Best Romance Books (Book 2)** "Silence your tongue Aurora." He promptly commanded befo...
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Newham [#shortstory] by silentcabal
Newham [#shortstory]by dune.
[Updated every friday and saturday.] When Hakim receives an invitation from his best friend to spend the summer with him and his uncle, he readily agrees thinking of exp...
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***FEATURED ON WATTPAD MYSTERY, FRIGHT & CREEPYPASTA*** Elliot Knox, the son of a renowned geneticist, suddenly has to deal with an alien apocalypse, while learning the...
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Quotes  by marina_tcs
Quotes by marina_tcs
Here I'm gonna post quotes and lyrics from songs. I hope you like it. The quotes are not mine!
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The Monsters We Fight With by XantheRowds
The Monsters We Fight Withby Xan L.K.
When Kingston Pink is thrown to Hawkins High - a school ruled by young serial killers, troublemakers and vicious rapists, he wasn't expecting on his first day to be labe...
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The Fallen Kingdoms by itslovely23
The Fallen Kingdomsby itslovely23
Starting date - 7/9/2018 Ending date - Copyrights © 2018 by itslovely23 All rights reserved Many believed he was a gift to mankind. No one could defeat him. No one coul...
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ANIMALS by TeamNextGeneration
ANIMALSby The Invisible Grayson
When the bad boy gets two rival alphas for mates... Noah should be dead. So why is he still breathing? Alphas Mason and Tristan are mates. So why aren't they together? ...
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House Full/bwhm by woke_queen
House Full/bwhmby woke_queen
"Who the fuck is this guy Sasha?" The guy says out to her as she gets off of him and fixes herself. Sasha looks away from me as I stand there watching her. &q...
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Hallowed Ground  by FatFreeCoolWhip
Hallowed Ground by Goth Mom
Esther LaGrange never stays in one place too long. She never stays with one person too long. Solitude and long stretches of dark road are her curse. Yet, she someh...
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A Broken Promise by petal001
A Broken Promiseby petal001
They were once in a secret friendship. She loved him. And he loved someone else. But they promised that they'd remain friends forever. Until, one day, he ran away. S...
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Where Do Broken Hearts Go? by doeneseya
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?by doeneseya
When Angel Hardin wakes from a ride-home nap on Valentine's Day, she finds a totaled car and flashing ambulances, but not her driving husband, Alex. After one, lonely y...
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Daya by Missunsungwriting
Dayaby Eliza
Younger Sister of a soon to be football star Daya Price is a sophomore who spends her time listening to music from the golden age of hip hop and collecting black icon te...
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Sorcerer's Spring: a Tale from Exia. by WritersOfExia
Sorcerer's Spring: a Tale from Exi...by WritersOfExia
Sorcerer's Spring is the tale of four beginnings: a wounded but powerful boy apprenticed to an outlaw mage struggling to keep old traditions alive; the daughter of a nym...
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Woman, Where Art Thy Husband? Season 1 by NakitaLarkJemison
Woman, Where Art Thy Husband? Seas...by NakitaLark
LOCKED AWAY. No little girl ever dreams of someday being behind bars, and becoming Love's prisoner is probably the last thing on her mind when she imagines Prince Char...
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The Boy Who Was Feared by XantheRowds
The Boy Who Was Fearedby Xan L.K.
Maylene Madness has always been a goody-two-shoes daughter of a wealthy family but after her father was framed for murder, her life started to drift apart for the worst...
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Dangerous Addiction by BrianaLwrites
Dangerous Addictionby Briana Lee
Amina Rose is an independent and strong-willed woman who fell into a toxic relationship. After ending things she has no interest in any man wanting to live her life by h...
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Black Catz by duranricardo
Black Catzby C.R. Durán
In the near future, when corruption and poverty have taken over, police and government officials no longer take care of the people, but rather, those wealthy residents t...
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The Tremendous Turmoil of Indigo (Being Edited) by AmethystAmber87
The Tremendous Turmoil of Indigo (...by AmethystAmber87
[Watty's Longlist 2018] Indigo Clark has all the things she hoped for. A successful boutique-check. Husband-check, check. Children-although they're a handful, check! Lif...
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