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The Man She Never Noticed. by ThermicMoonB629
The Man She Never Noticed.by Payne Armstrong
The reality of life is what matters! ..... Ava Loren a normal college graduate and former gang leader back then, decides to leave her hometown and settle somewhere away...
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It's A Cliche by Ade-tomi
It's A Clicheby Ade-tomi
Hey kids. Do you love watpadd? Are you tired of cliche's? Do you just want to read something funny? Well here's the book for you. Its a humourous parody for watpadd clic...
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Some Sunsets by watashinomochi
Some Sunsetsby A
❝I'm not a flirt― I'm interested.❞ ·•· After leaving the Navy, Satomi Kita struggles to adjust to civilian life. A little help from an old friend is something she welcom...
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MIKROKOSMOS by isabelle516
MIKROKOSMOSby Isabelle Rainey
Peyton Alleman is the kind of girl who would read novels all day, daydreaming to travel the world and have her first kiss on top of Eiffel tower. She's also the same PTS...
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***FEATURED ON WATTPAD MYSTERY, FRIGHT & CREEPYPASTA*** Elliot Knox, the son of a renowned geneticist, suddenly has to deal with an alien apocalypse, while learning the...
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BLUE LIGHT by emperorofthelettuce
book #1 (formerly titled "the land of val'winaal") ---------- 15-year-old Winnie Vanette has always dreamed of becoming a superhero. But when she discovers tha...
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Wistful by IcyandOtherEmotions
Wistfulby IcyandOtherEmotions
Sequel of Wilds. Gia and Isaac have escaped their captors but it's not quiet time for a happy ending. There's no room for happy endings when you don't know who to trust...
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Disney Rebels by shakespearian1
Disney Rebelsby Shay Speare
❝𝔏𝔬𝔫𝔤 𝔏𝔦𝔳𝔢 𝔈𝔫𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔦𝔞❞ | |Unedited | | Welcome to Enchancia's Academy for Rebels! Harbored at this boarding school are the secrets...
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Seserance (The Migax Cycle, #2) by Cosmic_Radical
Seserance (The Migax Cycle, #2)by 🌌Juliette L. Dunn🐉
Separated from connection with anyone in Migax, Summer and Eeksa have only a short time to get rid of the seserance before they are caught and MiliLabs seizes its power...
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Vampire Wife to Be by butterfly-girl15
Vampire Wife to Beby TassianC.
"Being a wife is not my thing," I said "Learn To be a wife," he said in gritted teeth. "why don't you learn to get lost," I said earning a...
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Best For You by MRayWrites
Best For Youby M.Ray
Paisley Rose Gardner is in a relationship with Anderson Clarke. He is oblivious to the problems in his relationship and with himself. He doesn't seem to want to grow up...
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Peppermint-Sunshine by AmethystAmber87
Peppermint-Sunshineby AmethystAmber87
Coffee and wine A soul so divine Beaten and battered By the trials of time Seeking shelter from the surge of life's storm Step inside and find solace In Peppermint-Sunsh...
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Of Vipers and Saints [The Saints Song Series, Book 2] by Poindexter
Of Vipers and Saints [The Saints S...by Just guys being dudes
After an assassination attempt puts his brother on edge, Prince Argus finally gains the political power he always wanted, but it comes with a heavy price. A price that p...
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Daydreams And Nightshade by JuliaLundstrom
Daydreams And Nightshadeby Julia
The Hargreaves twins have always been considered unorthodox to say the least, and those who consider it have no idea how right they actually are. Noah Hargreaves would'v...
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Everlight by TAJoseph
Everlightby Tracey
A waging war is nothing compared to the war in her heart. --- After being stolen as a gift for the faerie prince, Eula gets embroiled in a brewing civil war when she be...
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When We Sleep by Ashleethegoodgirl
When We Sleepby 💕Jane Doe💕
Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've only communicated with through texts and phone calls? When Marley gets a text from a stranger asking if she's okay, sh...
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Tearin' Up My Heart by witchoria
Tearin' Up My Heartby Unholy Enchantress
Silbie Luna just wanted to pass her classes and become the first undergrad co-captain for her derby team. She never thought shooting a promo for the athletic department...
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A Diamond in Islam | (Soon-To-Be Published)✔ by Beauty4evar
A Diamond in Islam | (Soon-To-Be P...by Shadia N.
He hated her "kind." She hated his ignorance. He loved her. She refused to. Without her, he was nothing. * * * * Amira had a dysfunctional family, an older bro...
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The Middle Passage by CynthiaDagnal-Myron
The Middle Passageby Cynthia Dagnal-Myron
A beleaguered black school cafeteria worker raising three grandchildren, a nephew and her own troubled daughter wins both a trip to a swanky Mexican resort and the heart...
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Hide by paintoutsidelines
Hideby paintoutsidelines
Imani is held captive by non other than mysterious callous Richard Zwai whose detached and harsh behavior is more than what Imani can bare.
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