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Teenage Professionals by mrenee3
Teenage Professionalsby mrenee3
Ava Woods is a teenage author in America who is asked by Sony Music to join one of their bands on tour to write a book about them. This is a way for her to get exposure...
You left  by Mileywatson27
You left by Milaywatson27
"Why did you call me here?" zayn asked with a hope that maybe, maybe harry wanted to apologize to him. "My daughter is missing and I need your help !!&qu...
You Got That One Thing by dieronce
You Got That One Thingby dieronce
[ jinayeon fanfiction ] featuring One Direction
sign of the times | h.s. by dailyhailstorm
sign of the times | hailey
A girl who suffers loss and grief is looking for a new beginning, thinking she'll find it in a new place. Instead, she finds it in a new person. ******* Madilyn Holley...
Bad girl meet Bad boy *Editing* by Stay_Weird123
Bad girl meet Bad boy *Editing*by Elisha Smith
People have hidden past's that they call 'hidden' for a reason. Cher Smith is a 17 year old girl who has a rep in school to be the 'bad girl.' What should go wrong when...
One Direction special little girl by Priceisrightrusher
One Direction special little girlby Priceisrightrusher
Carrie-Anne is a special toddler that has spinal muscular disorder, and she gets disowned by her birth parents. One day one direction come to her rescue and rescues her...
drunk love -a haylor story by cruel7summer
drunk love -a haylor storyby kyra
where two normal people fall in love, but one gets famous. they meet again, years later. everything has changed, but one thing is the same.
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The World According To Lola H.S by CheriClo
The World According To Lola H.Sby Clo
𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄 | "There is no one I know Like you Lola." ----------- Harry Styles spent three years in prison for a crime he didn't...
If Only [One Direction] [1] by hlsxox_
If Only [One Direction] [1]by H
"Sarcasm is the answer to everything." "Sure, if you were an 80-year-old dementia patient." "I didn't ask for this negativity so I don't expect...
if i could fly 2 ; ls  by arimyqueen26
if i could fly 2 ; ls by oh na na na na na
Louis Tomlinson a gimnázium befejezése után szingliként kezdi meg egyetemi éveit, oldalán a legjobb barátaival; Niallel és Grace-szel. A gimiben ő volt az, akire mindenk...
"Just Let Me"〔One Direction〕x 〔M!Reader〕 by Yumsyoom
"Just Let Me"〔One Direction〕x 〔M! Yumsyoom
The sixth member of One Direction has always caught attention from fans, He was a caring and understanding person. Quite good looking just like the rest of the Band memb...
diary of a teenage girl  by liiaax
diary of a teenage girl by lia
diary of an anxious teenage girl who is in a toxic relationship with one direction
Never Happened by livingforthetommo
Never Happenedby tommo
What if this all never happened? ------ Zayn wakes up one day and learns that the band was never formed. He tries everything to get them together but sometimes things do...
Zianourry One Shots: the collection  by -itZianourrry
Zianourry One Shots: the أمير
I am obsessed with Zianourry. And there are some one shots I would like to share on Wattpad. Credits given to the rightful owners. If you feel that your story has not go...
Harry Styles Imagines  by storiesRrandom
Harry Styles Imagines by Cracking Time Travel
Imagines of my husband Harry Styles
Mr Tomlinson by tigerlily7653
Mr Tomlinsonby I'm sad I don't like carrots...
The school is getting a new teacher and everyone is talking about how hot he is, his name is Mr Tomlinson he is the new English teacher. Harry and his best friend Sienna...
What She Didn't Know by fxxxking1D
What She Didn't Knowby fxxxking1D
Hollis Johns is a college freshman who is comfortable in her life. A little too comfortable. It's time for a change. Fresh out of high school, she's ready to get out of...
Cute Harry Styles Imagines  by harrystoesss
Cute Harry Styles Imagines by harrystoesss
Just some cute imagines that I'll try to update sometimes if people read them All of these have happy endings, and trust me nobody dies (I did write all of these so pl...