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I Would Give My Grace For You by rileyy021
I Would Give My Grace For Youby Riley
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Bee Mine by jokester_toaster
Bee Mineby Certified Sandwich
After moving to a new town, yet again, Sam and Dean do what they're best at and try to fit in until they can leave. However, one day they find out that this place might...
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Supernatural Drabbles by AllisonL7
Supernatural Drabblesby AllisonL7
You want short stories about your favorite TV show about your favorite hunters and angel trio? Well then, you've come to the right place, I've got angst and fluff galore...
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Gabriel & Castiel in the Bunker  by dammitcastiel
Gabriel & Castiel in the Bunker by dammitcastiel
Hi guys, I write when I get bored or inspiration hits. Just about everything I write is dark, angsty, and bloody. I don't know why that is, but it seems to be a pattern...
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Admin Book by n-notsherlock
Admin Bookby 🎤
/ gay spam
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My stubborn angel by ImPrincess_1
My stubborn angelby ImaMfPRINCESS Duh
Castiel is trying to figure out who Dean's crush is but when he finds out he goes into denial. He starts questioning everyone everyone he thinks it should be and they al...
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Fire Song by a_romantic_demise
Fire Songby a_romantic_demise
Sam and Dean find a case in California, one that hits a bit too close to home. Fires have been burning up only specific rooms and people, and there's a connection betwee...
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Spn memes by Bokslukaren993e4r
Spn memesby Bokslukaren
Your daily dose of spn
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Character Book by casiferisms
Character Bookby 🎙
/ my ocs ! ♡♡
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The Swan  by Nellysmydog
The Swan by .SPN.GEEK.
The Novaks are in a new town when suddenly they meet their Soalmates and live a long happy life. Just kidding so I don't even know what I'm doing with this so sorry 😔
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weird dayz. by 2waglord
weird swaglord
i just write about my bad days really dramaticakly ahaha. :|
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Something to Live For by Fandom_Rubbish
Something to Live Forby Fandom_Rubbish
A Destiel/Sabriel high school AU.
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AO3 fanfic Recommendations by loloj2000
AO3 fanfic Recommendationsby loloj2000
This is basically just going to be me recommending a shit tone of fanfics, from a shit tone of fandoms, with a shit tone of different pairings. Each chapter will have t...
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Sam Winchester Oneshots by gangstersdont_cry
Sam Winchester Oneshotsby heiresstomilkyway
title is self explanatory lowercase intended sam oneshots - fluff, angst, maybe smut
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SuperPotterLock - The Order of the Phoenix by Nurmengardx
SuperPotterLock - The Order of Nurmengardx
'In here,' one of them muttered, as he tried the handle to the kitchen door. 'Alohomora.' The door clicked open, and the Death Eater crept slowly inside. John's heart ra...
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Destiel by YeEeEeT31
Destielby Nishishush
i have no idea what to call this. it was gonna be a oneshot book but i have too many ideas to make it a oneshot book so here we are. will contain spoilers. i'm not done...
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Hush, Little Baby by VRRosen
Hush, Little Babyby V.R. Rosen
Castiel loves children, but he hasn't the faintest idea how they work. When Kelly Kline dies and leaves behind a tiny, screaming newborn laying on the bed, he finds hims...
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high school destiel by LindsayVonColln2
high school destielby Lindsay Von Colln
Castiel Novak and his little brother Gabriel don't have any friends in his high school, but two boys that are new to the school come, one Cas's age, and the other Gabe'...
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