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Grimm Future... cheater Yang x Grimm male reader x Neo by StarKiller1290
Grimm Future... cheater Yang x Sora
I was accepted by them.... I was hurt by her...... When can I die?
Two Shots Of Depresso (DNF) read disc by LexyWasTaken
Two Shots Of Depresso (DNF) read LexyWasTaken
This story is just for fun I don't expect it to go that far. If anybody in this story is uncomfortable with this I'll take it down. Also be aware that they don't actuall...
Đł₴₮ØⱤ₮ɆĐ (distorted) by JaeheeK
Đł₴₮ØⱤ₮ɆĐ (distorted)by 💔J O K E R💙
Kokichi's always had a problem with his family and himself. He hates himself and that's all he'll ever think about himself. Just to get rid of the thoughts about how mis...
The lost ones by Waddupjw
The lost onesby J.W
!TW! Mention of: Suicide, Depression, Eating Disorders, Abuse The school loser, the one that got bullied because they didnt have any friends and the one whonalways sat b...
A book full of relatable, happy, depressed and soulful poems written right from my heart. Dedicated to people who helped me and are willing to help:)
Trust (lams) by Doctors-orders-neeks
Trust (lams)by Red/Neeks
John is an Alpha prince. Alex is his Omega 'servant'. Oh shit- Lol this description sucks but the book is somewhat better
Rant Book by Heartbroken_Soft_Boy
Rant Bookby Calum
Read it or don't. I don't give a shit.
Love Me Tenderly || Branch x Eli Oneshots by antxpia
Love Me Tenderly || Branch x Eli 💮Eli💮
{REQUESTS OPEN} ~ ~ ~ "Fuck my life." ------------------------------ "I'd fuck your whole existence." . . . It's a love story about author, and branc...
PLAYLIST ideasby 3lizaaa
scambi musicali !! Playlist varie
Depresso ("The Starbucks Queen" Short Story) by OrangeCrushToucan
Depresso ("The Starbucks Queen" Q U E E N
Eryn Williams, more commonly known as The Starbucks Queen, finally comes to face her intervention - will she suffer through depresso or reign in her caffeine ways?
Memoirs of the hollow by lilletora
Memoirs of the hollowby lilletora
Short story from a day or depression Thank god for nihilism so we wouldn't have to be so dramatic all the time huh?
Hora Sad by AshleyHerbink
Hora Sadby Margareth Ashley Lana Herbink
Es la Hora Sad,cosas hermosas y tristes.
depresso cafe. by 1-800-depresso--
depresso BRUH IM A DUDE
♡welcome to depresso where I sell all drinks for any moments!♡ I only accept worms, in jars or not! >> [~] °•~everyone may see the menu in my bio~•° ☆have fun!!☆
Actual UPDATES by RLTThatsMe
Actual UPDATESby CeNTipedE
Boom it's all in the title.