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Everlasting Silence  by YeranJ
Everlasting Silence by KB Shomu
After the war Thor looks to building New Asgard. Loki meanwhile is sent to stay with the Avengers. But they cannot bring themselves to trust the trickster even though he...
"I never wanted the throne." - Loki (On hiatus) by MordredJones
"I never wanted the throne." - Mordred Llewelyn Jones
Loki finally has the throne he never wanted but does he have anything else? No. Thor has left, Odin has disappeared and Frigga is dead. Realising that being king isn't...
The Old Scars | Loki Hurt/Comfort by TheRoxov
The Old Scars | Loki Hurt/Comfortby Roxov
Trigger Warning: self harm, blood, rape, abuse Everyone in the Avengers Headquarter thinks of Loki as the mischievous trickster god with the way too inflated ego. But as...
No More Illusions (Loki Fanfiction) by FrostyNoMuffins
No More Illusions (Loki Fanfiction)by FrostyNoMuffins
Previously a One-Shot in which Thor goes to visit Loki right after Frigga died.