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Being Dead Doesn't Sound So Bad by Clover_Plants
Being Dead Doesn't Sound So Badby Clover The Octo
~| Beetlejuice X Reader |~ You had met Lydia Deetz online on social media, and found out that she was moving into your town. You two became very close friends. She was...
Watching Beetlejuice: The Musical by bookworm6570
Watching Beetlejuice: The Musicalby just em
The main Characters of Beetlejuice: The Musical appear in a room and are given the chance to watch a musical all about themselves ~ I own nothing ~
NEWCOMERS - a beetlejuice fanfic by yourfavoritedad_
NEWCOMERS - a beetlejuice fanficby <3
y/n schlimmer is the daughter of delia schlimmer, soon-to-be delia deetz. your quirky mother recently got a new job at the deetz's home. charles deetz has supposedly tak...
Nasty Bug Man (Beetlejuice X Reader) by IAmBleh
Nasty Bug Man (Beetlejuice X IAmBleh
Death is something considered to be taboo to the living. Some try to avoid the subject all together. Others embrace it, obsess over it, even. But, no matter how one vi...
Lydia Deetz x fem!reader *ON HIATUS* by LydiasMomIsDead
Lydia Deetz x fem!reader *ON Paige Soot😀
TW: CUSSING!!! this is based on the musical not the movie or cartoon bc i've seen neither on break will be back when my mental health is better <3
Beetlejuice: the Musical Short Story Book by StrangelyLydia
Beetlejuice: the Musical Short Lydia Deetz
A collection of short stories based on Beetlejuice: the Musical. Some will be short, others will be long. *cover doesn't belong to me*
Is There Still A We? by SeptiplierZanvis
Is There Still A We?by I Came Home
Something I've been wanting to make for not too long, but I since there's barely any content of these two. Let's create a book! Ready? Okay! Hi! I'll be your guide! I'll...
Lydia 2.0||A Beetlejuice: the Musical Fanfiction  by StrangelyLydia
Lydia 2.0||A Beetlejuice: the Lydia Deetz
Betelgeuse was supposed to go back to the Netherworld after bidding farewell to the Maitland-Deetzes, he wasn't supposed to be stuck - his soul trapped - in the house fo...
Beetlejuice the Musical Script by writing_in_fandoms
Beetlejuice the Musical Scriptby Jesse
yeah I actually took the time to write this whole thing out. Also please note this is purely based on what I'm hearing so it might not be 100% accurate, and there might...
Running Away by chaoticgeek
Running Awayby 🎭🎷Emmy🎷🎭
Delilah "Diesel" Frye wound up in the foster system after calling the police on her own dad. But when she runs away from her current placement, she winds up in...
Musical Head-canons, AUs, And One Shots by writing_in_fandoms
Musical Head-canons, AUs, And Jesse
this is a compilation of head-canons that either I have come up with or I have read and expanded upon with a friend for the ones that aren't original head-canons I will...
You're my Home (A Beetlejuice: the Musical Fanfiction) by StrangelyLydia
You're my Home (A Beetlejuice: Lydia Deetz
Betelgeuse returns to the Maitland-Deetz house, hoping for a fresh start and the family of five allow him to stay with them for the time being. Lydia and Betelgeuse have...
Childhood Friends To Sweethearts (Adamjuice) by MusicalWorshipper
Childhood Friends To Sweethearts ( MusicalWorshipper
Beetlejuice Shoggoth and Adam Maitland were friends as kids, but Adam moved away. What happens when a miracle makes Adam move back 8 years later? Yes this is the most ge...
A New Life (Sequel to 'Beetlejuice: A Blast into The Past') by GreatestShowman123
A New Life (Sequel to ' Beejfq
Betelgeuse has just revealed the truth about who he is. Something happens and he ends up banished and completely powerless and the past is changes so everything is how i...
Random Beetlejuice Whatever by Givetrindelachance
Random Beetlejuice Whateverby GiveTrindelAChance
Whatever I feel like writing about Beetlejuice the musical, probably random one shots. Might be sad, who knows? Not even me! Lets get this started breathers!
Baby Maitlands (A Beetlejuice: the Musical Fanfiction) by StrangelyLydia
Baby Maitlands (A Beetlejuice: Lydia Deetz
Betelgeuse accidentally turns Adam and Barbara into toddlers and now he and Lydia must take care of them.
Wednesday X Lydia  by Po1sonk1tty
Wednesday X Lydia by Bella :)
Wednesday Addams x Lydia Deetz Sorry this is bad , it's my first fanfiction Also sorry I didn't end it , I got tired 😂 The cover wont change , so ignore that