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deku x ibara by ______deku
deku x ibaraby Csercsa Mark
after a prank izuku tries to kill himself but is saved by class 1-b's cinnamon roll.
(Completed)Roses Are Red by ARC655
(Completed)Roses Are Redby ARCERET
Deku starts the series in class 1a with his quirk called Wood Release (wood style) he is secretly the only person who respects class 1b and is seen as there older brothe...
🎋Izuku the Forest's Spirt🎋 by Phos139
🎋Izuku the Forest's Spirt🎋by Phos139
Izuku had a happy life. Even after his friends left him for being quirkless, his parents still loved him and encourage his dream on being a hero. Although, after a certa...
the dragn hero Discontinued by ______deku
the dragn hero Discontinuedby Csercsa Mark
izuku has a dragon quirk also deku x ibara
Deku: The Brave and The Bold by Big_Yon
Deku: The Brave and The Boldby Big Yon
What if Izuku Midoriya met one of the world's greatest detective and greatest hero. Izuku will learn the hardships of being a hero, while fight the League of Villains. ...
The Betrayed Hero  to The Poison Vine Hero by ArtKyle10
The Betrayed Hero to The Poison Kyle Incardona
Izuku was framed for a crime he didn't do. His powers taken from him and was sent to prison. What if during the time when he was being transported, a car crash happened...
Quirk: Speed Force by Ssgssv9
Quirk: Speed Forceby Dr.Do (DemonzAnglez)
Izuku Yagi is a troublemaker. She's not one to listen to anybody and her parents know that. So they decide on sending her to a special facility were young kids cam be sh...
The Rider *ON HOLD* by TheRed_Writer
The Rider *ON HOLD*by TheRed_Writer
Izuku Midoriya was born without a quirk or so everyone believed, when he was younger he looked for ways to get a quirk even opening an odd book that summoned the Devil h...