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Sweet Melody by Violet_Rain95
Sweet Melodyby Violet Rain
Pussy, money, power. Was the motto Ares lived by and he was out to make sure it stays that way. Fuck just to fuck and make money. Marriage was never something he ever wa...
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Lavender May Avery by maraxseavey
Lavender May Averyby Sparksparkbangbang
Daily updates of Jack Avery's daughter Lavender May Avery
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Revenge of the Avox by mycastleofbooks
Revenge of the Avoxby Claire
Kyre sacrificed everything for her family, and Katniss Everdeen killed them without a second thought. Kyre will have her revenge if it takes her last breath.
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Protect BTS by Memekook_jungSHOOK
Protect BTSby Cookies_and_Tae
ARMY ALERT!! These are NEW threats made towards BTS! In this book, I'll tell you about the threat and let you know how to handle it. SPREAD THE WORD! #ProtectBTS
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It Was All For You, All For You And More [Vic Fuentes Book Two] by dumbanimehoe
It Was All For You, All For You inactive
~Sequel to One million branches~ Year 2014, thirteen years after Victor Vincent Fuentes found out that his girlfriend, Paige killed herself. He misses the Hell out of he...
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Guns, drugs and Eros by twisted360
Guns, drugs and Erosby twisted360
Viktor Nikiforov, a very dangerous but curious man, is in the dark underworld of the Russian mafia. His boss, Yakov, has assigned him to go to Chicago to find informatio...
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funny pick up lines,comebacks and death threats by kaxncj
funny pick up lines,comebacks ★kaxncj
just for fun :3 might help and for a good laugh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) might help pick someone up
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I Don't Remember being Abducted by Maslov85
I Don't Remember being Abductedby Maximilian Maslov
The story starts with me finding out that I was abducted and only gets wilder from there.
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Paradoxical by maddyandcurly
Paradoxicalby Maddy Wonsala
Someone had an idea. It was a unique idea, really, but a strange one as well. What if two paradoxical things could exist in a human being? Beautiful and hideous, fearful...
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true friends by samarabakker
true friendsby keepcalmandlovewolfs
this is a book about friends. in this I'll hope you learn who your ture friends are and who aren't. this is mostly because I found out one well actually two of my friend...
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Obey The Rein by MrWritingMeh
Obey The Reinby 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖚𝖆𝖗𝖉
Obey подчиниться gehorchen Beyoay
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Innocently Dangerous by ChiariiBlood
Innocently Dangerousby ฬђคҭ ค๓ ī?
isang babaeng childish pero pag nainis she's turn into a Amazona. Simple lang siyang tao ayaw na ayaw niya sa mga sikat kasi nga Mag arogante daw pero except daw sa ch...
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The Game of Death {Completed} by calebc69
The Game of Death {Completed}by Caleb C
This story is literal crap.
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Day in a life with a loser by 888NIGHTWATCH666
Day in a life with a loserby Bipolar Freak
seriously telling you parts In my life
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You saved me by MustacheAndTheBacc
You saved meby MustacheAndTheBacc
Someone is out to get Cloe and her sister Jessica's family, so they have to go under another persons custody across the country and that person is someone they thought...
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NȺmɇłɇss by PrideOfSloth
NȺmɇłɇssby PrideOfSloth
➡️English. Kaizi Hirogone, famous detective of Japan set a tour to a foreign land to solve a 1-year-old case. Upon his stay, he was forced to save a woman from being as...
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Voldemort Reacts To: by -Voldemort
Voldemort Reacts To:by -Voldemort
This is a book that is made up of me reacting to things such as movies, videos, books, arguments, topics, people, games, etc. Wizards/witches are able to comment what I...
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Killer Bees by JustTowa
Killer Beesby JustTowa
Madeline Scott is dead. She was murdered in cold blood. How do people know? Well, the killer left a note. Weeks later, Madison Moore makes a video that goes viral. It ta...
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