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Frostbite by writer168
Frostbiteby a ninja
Peter wasn't going to let May pay the rent all on her own. Not when there was the two of them, not when being Spider-Man made everything that much harder. And if that me...
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oneshots [avengers (+spiderman/defenders)] (pt. 3) by d-a-m-n
oneshots [avengers (+spiderman/ d-a-m-n
collection of some oneshots and stuff there aren't oneshots about character x reader, or smut this is pt. 3 NOT MINE MOSTLY GEN (maybe Peter + Tony centric stuff) NO CHA...
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Spideypool One shots by Devilish_Cole
Spideypool One shotsby Devilish_Cole
Spideypool one shots, maybe smut? Updates every week; maybe multiple times a week if I'm not busy :)
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avengers oneshots by softprescott
avengers oneshotsby fuck.
*•.¸♡ smut, angst and fluff ♡¸.•* !!NO INCEST STORIES!!
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Unwanted Partners  by _Nataoi_
Unwanted Partners by _Nataoi_
(Spideypool and Superfamily are included in packaging) Spider-Man and Deadpool, two complete opposites are assigned as partners, Spider-Man utterly hates Deadpool and D...
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Changes of the destiny  by SethDragon
Changes of the destiny by Sammy Olsson
(On going) warning; contains a lot smut scenes! Peter was together with Gwen and everything went on fine, the only problem he had is his desire to mate with Venom. But...
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Bloodbath☆B.Barnes by DEADmanH8
Bloodbath☆B.Barnesby Rose
15 year old girl Nia-Rose lived a normal life for an English school girl, even with the absence of her Dad Nia would say her life was mundane. When blood is shed and her...
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Green Speedster 1{MCU FANFIC} by PinkRhombus
Green Speedster 1{MCU FANFIC}by JP
{FAN-FIC} Ever wondered what would've happened if mutants already existed on the marvel cinematic universe? Here's how it would look like. Josd Maximoff, Scarlet Witch a...
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Fuck Resolutions by ryulexhei
Fuck Resolutionsby ryulexhei
Domino tries to convince Deadpool to make a New Years resolution.
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I'll Keep You Safe by OnceupounGray
I'll Keep You Safeby BILL CIPHER
When a certain guy from Tennessee walks into Tony's life again. He starts dismissing his other kids. So Peter runs away, Morgan in tow. Will they be able to live without...
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A Hale and The Argent- Allison Argent (3) by WhatintheHale
A Hale and The Argent- Allison WhatintheHale
A Deadpool is being spread around the town of Beacon Hills, threatening supernatural lives. Kate Argent is apparently alive and has messed with Madison and Derek's abili...
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How (Not) To Catch a Deer by ninjapickles49
How (Not) To Catch a Deerby Ninja
Wade's lonely and insecure, White is mean, Yellow is annoying, and there's an adorable guy on the subway to obsess over. What do you think is gonna happen? But when Dead...
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Motherfucker! by littlespider23
Motherfucker!by —LILLY
Daughter of the guy in red aka Deadpool
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Spidey by RedDragon_S
Spideyby Sayaka D.
Peter se encuentra solo en el mundo pagando por si mismo la universidad y un pequeño cuarto, ambos manteniendo los con solo un empleo. Al verse sobre pasado por esto dec...
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Deadly Love (Deadpool x reader) by CactusGecko
Deadly Love (Deadpool x reader)by Comic Chills
Boom baby! Intro!! Hope you guys enjoy this story! I'll be updating hopefully every week-2 weeks!
SpideyPool One-Shots Book by DoodleTheGayNoodle
SpideyPool One-Shots Bookby Doodle The Gay Noodle
The title really says it all. You want some good shit? That good good? I gotchu. You want some well-written, god-tier chapters that'll be constantly updated? I gotchu. R...
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The Unwanted Lover {SpideyPool} by VendettaIsHere
The Unwanted Lover {SpideyPool}by Multi_Shipper42
Wade Wilson (Deadpool) Has been chasing after his spider for years but Peter Parker (Spider-Man) Doesn't want a relationship with Wade. But wade won't get that through h...
When One Story Should End, Another Begins by mylowritess
When One Story Should End, mylowritess
You never knew how lost a person could be until you found yourself hanging from the edge of a high-rise building; you also never knew how much life could change from the...
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Field trip story's  by i_know_you_love_me19
Field trip story's by i_know_you_love_me19
I DON'T OWN ANY OF CHARACTERS except a few I have made up I don't own the cover either it's all just a whole bunch of short stories where peter goes on a field trip and...
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ℕ𝕠 ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕠 | 🅂🄿🄸🄳🄴🅈🄿🄾🄾🄻 by MyLadyStoneheart
ℕ𝕠 ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕠 | 🅂🄿🄸🄳🄴🅈🄿🄾🄾🄻by Tulika Sarkar
Wade leaves Canada and moves to New York (Queens) with his best friend Weasel after breaking up with Vanessa. He meets Spidey and everything else is a jolly good ride :)...
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