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Fate (Avengers) by LittleLynx2002
Fate (Avengers)by LittleLynx2002
Soulmate Identification Mark AU ✦✦✦ Fate is a strange thing. Soulmates are even stranger. To know we are destined to share our entire lives with this person or (in some...
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Spiders on oneshots  by watt-pad-writer09
Spiders on oneshots by Wattpad person
I never thought about doing this because of criticism... but oh well. If your seeing this beanz as Pandas... I have fallen to the dark side and my reading history has be...
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Avengers memes part 2  by 987QueenLoser
Avengers memes part 2 by 987QueenLoser
"You know my motto is 'Excelsior'. That's an old word that means 'upward and onward to greater glory.' It's on the seal of the state New York. Keep moving forward...
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Until the End of Time by teafortoby
Until the End of Timeby Oh Toby
Peter's parents died when he was young, and nobody wanted to take him in, resulting in foster care. Peter goes through a lot of trauma throughout his years in multiple d...
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Reindeer  >Loki x Reader< by Royal-Plz-ImDivine
Reindeer >Loki x Reader<by Depressed Devil
31 days in December for you and Loki to have fun ♡ Started: December 1st Ended:
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Toska ;; Peter Parker × Reader by queen_natsukashii
Toska ;; Peter Parker × Readerby `+queen_natsukashii+`
|| A adventurous bittersweet story about (y. n) and Peter. || || Prologue - TBA || / updates every sunday and every other wednesday / || Peter Parker x Reader || || Al...
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Mercenary Webs by Muckino
Mercenary Websby Muckino
Peter Parker usually has things figured out but when a red leather wearing menace makes him go into a crime crisis, he starts to slowly drift off. Not only with the stru...
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hero hearts, meet my marvel ocs ² by StallisaacsHoe
hero hearts, meet my marvel ocs ²by ✨
( HERO HEARTS ) ❝ AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! ❞ © alicia marie meet my marvel ocs oc book two
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Spiderman en Hogwarts (Peter Stark Roger x Hermione Granger) by crossocverucmxhp
Spiderman en Hogwarts (Peter crossocverucmxhp
¿Qué hubiese pasado si Tony Stark y Steve Rogers hubiesen adoptado un niño, llamado Peter? ¿Y si este fuese un mago, junto con su hermano menor? Pues ese soy yo, Peter S...
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Sorry Not Sorry || Spideypool  by mr-stark
Sorry Not Sorry || Spideypool by Tony Stark
Tony Stark doesnt know what love is himself so why does he keep saying Peter cant love Wade?
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The World of Pop Culture: Art Book by Taleisha2003
The World of Pop Culture: Art Bookby Taleisha Tydings
Various drawings based on TV series, movies and games. And overall pop culture, including deadpool and aliens.
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Marvel Memes by MarvelGeek2
Marvel Memesby MarvelGeek2
I have to many, so I'm putting them here so I can delete them and still find them.
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Multiverse: Reality Dreams by ChrisJunior4
Multiverse: Reality Dreamsby Chris Junior
What happens when 3 universes collides and become one for 10 years but only one person remember this event? Distortion of time creates amnesia for everyone in each unive...
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Camilla Quinn is a mythimorph- a humanoid creature that can turn into any mythological or legendary creature at will. She was exiled from the realm of Farxara a world wh...
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The Broken Spider- Spideypool by heroslikespideypool
The Broken Spider- Spideypoolby heroslikespideypool
Peter Parker (the Amazing Spider-Man) lives a pretty normal superhero life on the outside. But on the inside he's broken. Aunt May just died... and left him alone and un...
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New Precautions by _jess_the_ravenclaw_
New Precautionsby Jessica the Ravenclaw
Given up as a baby Hope Martin has no idea about her extensive supernatural heritage only that even within her diverse pack of supernatural beings she is something of an...
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MERC WITH A MOUTH  by gaurangsuri
Getting betrayed by the entire camp wasn't really a thing on percy's to do list .. but things happened and now , after getting the blessings of the Olympian as well as t...
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P R 0 S T I B U L O (CREW Just) by JUST__DEADP00L
Pues,aquí prostituire a amigos mios o integrantes de la crew.
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That's Us || Spideypool  by mr-stark
That's Us || Spideypool by Tony Stark
"If my life had gone a little differently then I would've probably ended up just like Deadpool"
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Crazy bitch  by Vkook8436
Crazy bitch by Vkook8436
كلما تزداد قوتك تكبر مسؤليتك هكذا تعلم جونغكوك منذ ان اصبح الرجل العنكبوت لكن الامر مختلف مع ديدبول Vkook توب:كيم تاي هيونغ بوتوم:جيون جونغكوك ارجوا من الذين لايحبون هذه...
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