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❤️Kidnapped❤️(Spideypool) by EthanAlamo
❤️Kidnapped❤️(Spideypool)by Ethan Alamo
Hello hello! It has been a while since I wrote damn fanfiction, well I have been busy with this one. It includes drawings from yours truly! And oof anyways to the plot a...
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The Ones Behind the Scenes: Vol 1 by Gwendolyn__Stacy
The Ones Behind the Scenes: Vol 1by Helena Winchester
Ghost-Spider a.k.a. Gwen Stacy. She's been working as a hero since high school. After years of hero work, she's finally decided to try to be an adult. She's made her app...
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We Belong - Cable/Nathan Summers by LAC1940
We Belong - Cable/Nathan Summersby Lindsay
The future isn't set... Sequel to 'Past, Present, Future' and post-'Deadpool 2'! Nina Nova's life is busy: she's working full-time as a teacher, as well as a superhero...
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She's Mine (Itona and Asano x Shy Experimented Wolf Reader x Karma) by ElizabethTorres135
She's Mine (Itona and Asano x Elizabeth Torres
Payton Kain was taken away and experimented on when she was just three and while she was there she slowly lost her emotions that is until she is sent to Class E and if...
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Marvel One Shots (Requests Open) by the-end-of-the-line
Marvel One Shots (Requests Open)by the-end-of-the-line
Marvel One Shots I'm comfortable writing anything, just message me a request :)
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I'll Be Your Villain (My Hero Academia X All For One Male Reader 2) by Cryptic_Nightfall
I'll Be Your Villain (My Hero Cryptic_Nightfall
All Might is dead. The world has been thrown into chaos and to make matters worse his next in line is the person who killed him. Y/N doesn't care though. His life is bui...
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Iron-dad and Spider-son oneshots by Logang500
Iron-dad and Spider-son oneshotsby Logang500
Random short oneshots of Peter Parker interacting with Iron Man and the Avengers.
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Marvel oneshots by Frostbiite113
Marvel oneshotsby Frostbite
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memes by demoncat_purrito
memesby demoncat
some memes.
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avengers and spiderman by _Grimreeaper_
avengers and spidermanby _Grimreaper_
this is about a kid who was hydra project for 5 years and then left to die and then returned to his family in this writing some thing i picked up from others if you cam...
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AUs and Stuff by toothlesslover098
AUs and Stuffby toothy
Just random Ideas I get from TV shows, along with other things and put them down in this. Mostly having marvel or any undertale characters if I still have ideas for thos...
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Ultraviolence ☆ meet my OCs by ramonaxthorns
Ultraviolence ☆ meet my OCsby Ramona Thorns
❝I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage.❞ [OC book] ©ramonaxthorns 2020
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No Hard Feelings × ryan reynolds by ramonaxthorns
No Hard Feelings × ryan reynoldsby Ramona Thorns
❝She loves him. He loves her not.❞ [original] [ryan reynolds x oc] ©ramonaxthorns 2020
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beloved husband, nephew, friend and hero by misshyggli
beloved husband, nephew, friend missHyggli
"Peter Parker, Spider-man, was a bright young man. I had the pleasure of knowing them both. When I first got to know him, he was still a kid. Stumbling over his wor...
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deadpool x saiki k by deadman6666
deadpool x saiki kby Glaxay lord
Saiki gos on a shcool trip to France and a serten mec with a mouth designe he is his soul mate how will saiki deal with this. Will he have to use his powers
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A SpidyPool Story  by darknesssings
A SpidyPool Story by boo
"Dammit Deadpool! I told you to stop 'unaliving' my bad guys!" "Sorry baby, he was talking too much!"
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You are what now?!?!?! by lolsheep456
You are what now?!?!?!by lolsheep456
This is based off something on Tumblr and I'm bored so ... here we go. Also Peter is 17 and done with college and all that jazz and Wade is almost 18. I also just change...
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Nobody's Perfect MARVEL (SpidermanxReader) by Iron-Spider3000
Nobody's Perfect MARVEL ( ILOVEYOU2000
SEQUEL TO DEADPOOL'S DAUGHTER Y/n has been through hell and back but nothing could prepare her for what's going to happen next. This story follows the events of Infinity...
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Tier Franchise Wrestling  by Twistedlion2003
Tier Franchise Wrestling by Twistedlion2003
Tier Franchise wrestling answers the question what if instead of companies battle for money at the cinemas they do it in ring and in front of live crowd.what type of mat...
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Talksy Marvel vol. 2 by the_best_huncwot
Talksy Marvel vol. 2by 💀Hadesiątko💀
Zapraszam na drugą część talksów. Jeśli nie czytałeś pierwszej to zapraszam Ostrzegam przed moim humorkiem !!! Zapraszam!
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