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Grand Elder Blood Witcher by SiThuGyi
Grand Elder Blood Witcherby Elias Einzwerth
I have seen Isekai stories where the MC just takes the strongest power to go easymode. Not this guy... Meet Reima Ludvig, a man who chose the hard way instead of going g...
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abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
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Overlord Forgotten Cinder by SIEGE36
Overlord Forgotten Cinderby SIEGE36
What if a member of Ainz Ooal Gown who died irl was sent back BILLIONS of years before Ainz was sent there? Did he get stronger? Weaker? Who knows, but he sure as hell g...
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Abyss watcher in the league V2  by XanaShadow
Abyss watcher in the league V2 by Xana Shadow
An undead warrior is taken from his world with a mysterious heritage, look as he travels this new world and meet new people, and will he manage to get over his dreadful...
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Fire Keeper x Male Reader (Dark Souls Threee) by princelothric666
Fire Keeper x Male Reader (Dark So...by leo
Fire Keeper x male reader fire keeper dark souls three
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To Snuff Out the Darkness (Female Reader x Rwby) by AerodynamicHotdog
To Snuff Out the Darkness (Female...by AerodynamicHotdog
One of the most famous Huntresses in all of Remnant had a daughter, she is known to the rest of Remnant as "Sister Friede". Your mother is the best mother ever...
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Dragonslayer Armour of DxD (Highschool DxD fanfic) (Discontinued) by NoireLemons
Dragonslayer Armour of DxD (Highsc...by Noire
(Discontinued) Dragonslaying is the art of slaying a dragon duh. So what happens if someone sends a dragonslayer to the humble town of kouh to take care of a certain dra...
Unkindled one X Firekeeper by The_FireKeeper
Unkindled one X Firekeeperby The_FireKeeper
I adore her so I wanted to give her a story
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RWBY/Dark Souls -Abused/ soul of cinder  by Unbidweevil
RWBY/Dark Souls -Abused/ soul of c...by Unbidweevil 25
Soul was just a boy that was living with his family but after his sisters start making stuff up to get him in trouble that's wend the abuse started. After his dad got ma...
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Souls for Satan by SianaghGallagher
Souls for Satanby Sian
COMPLETED (BOOK 6) *Also a stand alone book, but reading the other books is suggested!* An arrogant demon with a terrible temper lives only to aid his master. Kaiden, wh...
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Watcher Of Remnant (Male Reader X RWBY) by Legion623
Watcher Of Remnant (Male Reader X...by Aurum
Dark Souls crossover with RWBY, this might become an AU. Keep in mind that I will make the first few chapters follow the canon story. And yes this is a self insert, don'...
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The bikers next door by JadeCurrie
The bikers next doorby Jade Currie
When a 18 year old girl gets kidnapped, manages to get away and she moves Mexico. Then she realises that she has moved in next to a biker club.
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Bound By Vengeance (#4) by pumpkinyara
Bound By Vengeance (#4)by Yara
Book#4 in the series. [Can be read as a standalone] I know I can't kill them. More powerful men than me have tried. But if I could get them to kill each other - that...
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AWITL chibi adventures! by XanaShadow
AWITL chibi adventures!by Xana Shadow
These are chibi adventures of the characters of my story. They're going to be funny, silly, messy, and a little confusing, but that's what chibi is all about!
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The betrayed draconic soul by Kidnovis
The betrayed draconic soulby Kidnovis
lux infinitos was a knight in rias's peerage until she killed him and blamed it on a stray devil. but what happens when he comes back as a dragon known as the ash bringe...
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The Undead Guardian(Yhorm The Giant reader x RWBY) by 6_Doom_6_Marine_6
The Undead Guardian(Yhorm The Gian...by Skullbasher121
The Title says it all and No this is not a Dark Souls Crossover You're simply Yhorm The Giant And to make your height a bit fair to the rest of the girls your height wil...
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RWBY x Ashen One by Travzac619
RWBY x Ashen Oneby TravZac619
what if instead of having our Ashen one get teleported to RWBY we bring team rwby and their friends to our world where death is around every corner ready to kill, will t...
Wolfknight of the round table Fate grand Order x male reader by Icedemon34
Wolfknight of the round table Fate...by Jordan White
yeah I read two stories with the male reader either being Artorias or abyss watchers for mine I'm going to do both bosses so. you are the second son to Artoria Pentdrago...
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Dark Souls X Male Reader by huggablepanda341
Dark Souls X Male Readerby Shy Guy
Why can't the hero of a all time great game have a happy ending?
The Abyss of Kuoh by CSArcAngel
The Abyss of Kuohby CT-2HA1A
The Wolf Knight awakens in a new time. Far forwards. Find out what happens in The Abyss of Kuoh. Do not take this book, ask if you want to make a copy of my book first...
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