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Watching trash of the count's family  by moonromano
Watching trash of the count's fami...by senia<3
So the birth of the hero cast gets suddenly transported to a room where they react to Cale henituse the lout that Choi han hit once upon a time and the trash of the cou...
Nephalem in Kuroinu (OP Male Reader x Kuroinu Harem) by LoLi_Maniac
Nephalem in Kuroinu (OP Male Reade...by LoLi Lover
An: for those who don't know Kuroinu, it's a very disturbing hentai who wants every woman as sex slave Nephalem, a hybrid between Angel and Demon said to be very powerfu...
The strongest villain counterattack {quick wear} by Little_Spade
The strongest villain counterattac...by Hera Ford
Author:不圆的圆子 Heaven's Favorite Villain Attack × Endless Struggle Male Lead Shou 1V1, Fast Crossing, Main Attack, Systematic Double gold movie king received world three:...
The Dragon King by Himbo-Dino
The Dragon Kingby Alejandro
The Great War was waged and is concluded with the the sining of The White-Gold Concordant. The uneasy treaty causes a rebellion, an age of agression between the kinsman...
Life As An Overpowered Dark Elf  by MoonWizard820
Life As An Overpowered Dark Elf by Kazuma
Itami Kurai is killed and sent to another world; given powers by the Gods of the fantasy world and proposed with a choice: Join the Humans and slaughter the demons or jo...
As the title says.
The Exciting Adventures of a Cowardly Khajiit by DemureGirlDeviantArt
The Exciting Adventures of a Cowar...by DG
A lighthearted fanfiction based around the game Skyrim. Mir'ika is a young Khajiit full of enthusiasm and hope. Ralis is a Dunmer who is past his prime, bitter and grum...
The Trash who just needs love (TBOAH Fanfic) by Andrews_Grapes
The Trash who just needs love (TBO...by Andrews_Grapes
What if? What if The original Cale Henituse, the trashy lout and the White Star met after Cale Henituse getting beaten up? What would happened if somehow the white star...
Overlord X male Op wizard reader by jakethegamer446mvpla
Overlord X male Op wizard readerby jake the gamer 446 mvplayer
second story I had this idea on my mind fore a wile and wanted to write everything down before I forget my ideas also I need a break from my other book good luck and I h...
Elder Scrolls: The Gate War by Shadow_trooper
Elder Scrolls: The Gate Warby Shadow_trooper
During the Second World War, there was the appearance of the eternal fog, it is unclear what truly caused it to show up. This lead to the discovery of the lands of Tamri...
Nazarick in Past world by AinzOoalGown519
Nazarick in Past worldby Ainz Ooal Gown
It's Overlord crossover. English is not my mother tongue. What if Nazarick had moved to Earth in the 19th century? What did the inhabitants of Ainz and Nazarick do then...
Star-Crossed by ToxicCosmos
Star-Crossedby ToxicCosmos
It has been months since their last lead on the Xindi weapon. When the Enterprise rescues a woman and her crewman from a Xindi attack, they inadvertently stumble into th...
Dove/Dark elf/elf Kim rok Soo Au by Beyodersfamily
Dove/Dark elf/elf Kim rok Soo Auby ElviraBeyond
In my other book Their Ideas on what Au I should do so ya I got motivation on writing this one so ya Kim rok Soo Is a Dove/Dark elf/elf in this au (He is not Cale) he...
A Rogue solder (GATE Harem x male reader) by Jaxread
A Rogue solder (GATE Harem x male...by Jaxread
(Y/N) (L/N), is a lot of things and the Nickname Rogue is one of them, he is a solder that doesn't respond to the chain of command because the government made him an ind...
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[ Elder Scrolls: Skyrim ] | RP by svasskottr
[ Elder Scrolls: Skyrim ] | RPby little flame
Skyrim, a land of pure-blood nords and the betrayed falmer race. A home to stormcloaks and a threat to the empire. But the events are not all so great. Live your life as...
Spellsword by pipistrelledee
Spellswordby pipistrelledee
These two are on the run from pirates and the past... But just who is outrunning who? We join Eva Leeuwen and Teldryn Sero following an ambush aboard a ship to Skyrim...
Star-Crossed: Squared by ToxicCosmos
Star-Crossed: Squaredby ToxicCosmos
Cey's mission is complete. But the Xindi are still out there. Not willing to abandon the Enterprise on their mission to save the human race, she returns to aid them. Doi...
A Snow Elf's Love by ArnorianRuby
A Snow Elf's Loveby ArnorianRuby
Just something I thought everyone would like to read.
Shur'vahkiin                               (Skyrim X Inheritance)  by TheDragonPatronus
Shur'vahkiin...by Rae
Celina Averion wasn't exactly what one would call heroic. In fact, she was the scrawny, orphaned, pickpocketing daughter of a poor dunmer merchant and a bosmer hunter, a...