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Weaver of Darkness by melissalwebb
Weaver of Darknessby Melissa L. Webb
Seventeen-year-old Liss Taylor wants nothing more than to be normal. All she wants is to graduate high school, go to college, and marry her childhood sweetheart. But she...
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The Truth of Vengeance: Vampire Formula #2 by smiler_rossy
The Truth of Vengeance: Vampire Fo...by P.A.Ross
On the run from the Hunters after taking his deadly revenge on Barry, V must adapt to the truth. He is no longer the innocent little boy, Jon Harper, but a hybrid human...
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Fall Far from the Tree Preview by AmyMcNulty
Fall Far from the Tree Previewby Amy McNulty
Terror. Callousness. Denial. Rebellion. How the four teenage children of leaders in the duchy and the neighboring empire of Hanaobi choose to adapt to their nefarious pa...
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Slave To The Operator by LeonArtoJaVinci
Slave To The Operatorby LeonArtoJaVinci
A new age of fear has spawned on the internet; Creepypastas roam their dark realm beyond our world. They are thirsty for the scream of terror as they slowly strike the h...
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Spoils Of War by LeonardAmber
Spoils Of Warby L.A. Low
Magic may be the most powerful thing in the world, but even it has boundaries; destroying it would bring imbalance to the world. After a meeting, two brothers sworn to f...
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Clinical Lycanthropy by V-Boss
Clinical Lycanthropyby Valentina
"A timer was ticking away my chances of survival. I never felt so primal, alive or lethal. "I felt paralyzed, waiting for a recognizable emotion. I shuddered a...
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Even The Devil Can Love by anoushka_19
Even The Devil Can Loveby anoushka
Story of a girl who fell in love with someone who she never should have fallen for!
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When It All Disappears by FredetteX
When It All Disappearsby FredetteX
They all want the end White into black, blending colors. To find him one must Discover the cycle of curiosity and hatred Repeat after Repeat losing all colors Happines...
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HARE AND HOUND by inazumAwesome11
HARE AND HOUNDby inazumAwesome11
A dark history that still lives until now. Join Ashren and the rest of the gang as they fight for survival to reach the top with a dark world that hangs into balance bet...
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Crimson Queen by Mama_Kas
Crimson Queenby Mama_Kas
Vampires have risen from their graves and crawled out of the shadows. The world is at war and the Church has taken the role in leading to humanity to victory. In a smal...
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A Disturbed Reality or Fantasy? by alan71
A Disturbed Reality or Fantasy?by Alan71
I awoke and then I fell asleep. The same thing happened over and over. My world isn't the best and it isn't the worst I assume. My name: it doesn't really matter. Nothin...
The Royal Affairs: Elena by chasercloak13430
The Royal Affairs: Elenaby Chasercloak13430
Life isn't a fairy-tale. In a time where kingdoms were built as quickly as they fell, a young woman survived it all. Elena Blackwood is a strong, powerful woman living i...
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Drained by lostplum
Drainedby J.
If you're tired of all those beaten to death cliché vampire stories on this site and want something more fresh, you've come to the right place. Drained is composed of sh...
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Cedric the Demonic Knight (The Cedric Series Book 1) by ValerieWillis
Cedric the Demonic Knight (The Ced...by Valerie Willis
A Fantasy Romance Series for Adults that is Percy Jackson all grown-up and a mixture of Vikings meets Trueblood! "Dramatic, Lustful, and fantasy fulfilling." T...
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The City of Wizards by GeorgeMazurek
The City of Wizardsby GeorgeMazurek
THE CITY OF WIZARDS When a young boy Syrdan arrives to a mythical city of Averot'h, everything seems perfect. Both humans and wizards live here in peace and harmony, fou...
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The Oath by TheLowDown
The Oathby Darius Wayne
When a oath between two factions is broken war is sought. After years of chaos and fighting the gods are at their brink. Trista the Goddess of vengeance and justice has...
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The Real World by lycanthropy100
The Real Worldby Razza Curos
what would you do if you could live in a game? If you could become someone else in a totally different world? The Real World is exactly that: a second life. Tala never...
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Left behind (GurenxOC) (DISCONTINUED) by shigureyukimi
Left behind (GurenxOC) (DISCONTINU...by shigure yukimi
Mizuki, the OC lived a happy life like most kids until one day her parents died. Upon taken by the orphanage she meets Yūichirō , Mikaela, and other orphans. It takes a...
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Shattered by Xsyntax-error
Shatteredby Shania Alviso
This is my Ideal continuation of Tokyo Ghoul after Kaneki turned into a Ghoul and accepted Rize Do read everyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kirishima Touka and Kaneki Ken fan-fic...
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