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Cut To The Bone by druidrose
Cut To The Boneby MB | M.Dalto
|| WATTPAD PICKS - EDITOR'S CHOICE || Ever since her eighteenth birthday, Azima Rousseau knew she would die battling the forces of Hell just as her mother had, and her g...
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Cat Academy by EmmaLoweBooks
Cat Academyby Emma Lowe
Nothing was ever simple for Katinora Rivers, so when her pet cat, Jenko, randomly transformed into a guy that shouldn't have been much of a surprise either. But it was. ...
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Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Truly by AlmostPsycho
Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Trulyby AlmostPsycho
He was very angry. He was looking at me like he wants to either rape me or punch my face. "I can expla- " He cuts me off. "You have been a very very bad k...
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Heir of Beasts by swpoet
Heir of Beastsby Suzanna Marie
[Wattpad Featured Story: Fantasy Hidden Gems] When we were children they whispered about beasts that hid amongst the shifting dunes, dark things with sharp teeth and lou...
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Winterly, Volume 1 & 2 ✔️ by JeanineCroft
Winterly, Volume 1 & 2 ✔️by Jeanine Croft
When Emma Lucas meets devilishly handsome Markus Winterly, she has no idea that he only wears the mask of human aristocracy. And behind that mask a very ancient and powe...
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Rapture by TimorRon
Raptureby T&R
In a world ruled by creatures of the dark, Elena is chosen by their king for a task no woman could take.
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Bride of Alvar (Redemption Book #1) by SilverReins
Bride of Alvar (Redemption Book #1)by Silver
**COMPLETED** All my life I've been told by my mother I'm promised in marriage to a king from another world. Determined to take control of my own life and to spite my e...
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Son of Winter - All the King's Men by dear_wormwood
Son of Winter - All the King's Menby dear_wormwood
A desperate man is the most dangerous type of man. A man willing to do anything for a few gold coins is a man to be feared indeed. Hrimmhail is a continent that seemingl...
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Netvor .::Completed::. by RosesnWater
Netvor .::Completed::.by RosesnWater
A retelling of Beauty and the Beast There are stories about a monster who walks amongst people unseen, one that collects the hearts of the tragic victims who tr...
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White: Dark Secrets, Dangerous Princes (Complete) by TheWhiteSeries
White: Dark Secrets, Dangerous Pri...by R A Black
When love brings death, family brings misery, and magic solves no problems, it's hard to find happiness. ***MULTIPLE AWARD-WINNER! SEE DETAILS BELOW*** For a long time...
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Draygon Inferno | Book 2 | ✔️ by Prisim
Draygon Inferno | Book 2 | ✔️by Queen of the Gummy Bears
The key to proving Siobhan's innocence lies within the highlands, a home she never thought she'd see again. Siobhan isn't sure she's ready to confront the past that's hu...
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Alleviation (Book 5 of The Corruption Sequence) by NatashaDuncanDrake
Alleviation (Book 5 of The Corrupt...by Tasha (Natasha Duncan-Drake)
Draco, now cleared by the Ministry, has decided to reclaim his position as Prince of Slytherin, the first job being to get back his role as Seeker of the Quidditch team...
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Kingship (Book 2) by galaxy_dars
Kingship (Book 2)by D. Aden
With war instilling the Kingdom of Hope with fear, Kinsha finds himself a prisoner under Fendell Longstorm, the man who has united thieves and notorious criminals alike...
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The Black Lotus | 𝑉𝑜𝑙𝑢𝑚𝑒 𝐼 ✓ by ProjectPr1de
The Black Lotus | 𝑉𝑜𝑙𝑢𝑚𝑒 𝐼 ✓by L. D. JONES
Ever since Makaela Moreau, daughter of the most important magician in the world, received a vision from the goddess of prophecies, the hidden world of magic has been pre...
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The Dawn of Light by Devita33
The Dawn of Lightby Danelle
(Book 5 in the #DawnSeries) A gift of light, The laden of sight... Theia, the goddess of light and daughter of Thanatos and Aurora, is unwittingly pulled into a weave of...
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Inside the Beast's Castle by no_kidding
Inside the Beast's Castleby Kidding
"As soon as you believe you are a monster is when you become one." After many years of war, the kingdom of Edria is finally in an era of peace--peace obtained...
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Vampire Queen (Completed) by shanspirational
Vampire Queen (Completed)by ☁️Shan☁️
This is a story about the Vampire Queen. Vampires have hidden underground for a century, and Lilith became queen. She is feared by all of them, for she doesn't give sec...
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Bloodlust Dystopia (Shoto x Katsuki) by Shasha_Ackerman
Bloodlust Dystopia (Shoto x Katsuk...by Shasha Ackerman
Shoto was the heir of Vampire Kingdom while Katsuki was the only prince of Werewolf Realm. They were childhood friends that always went to play together until there was...
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Into the Night by amoenitas
Into the Nightby Christian
Calla Black isn't your average teenage human, but he'd like to be. After his bus into town is torn to shreds under less than natural circumstances, his last attempt at n...
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Siren (Boyxboy) by CiellaXD
Siren (Boyxboy)by Cielle
Sye is a troubled boy, he is sent to a boarding school famous for 'fixing-broken-kids.' Sye gets stuffed into the old library attic as a welcoming party. Finding an old...
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