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Sticks and Stones {A Pastel!Dan & Punk!Phil Phanfiction} by mikeyunderstars
Sticks and Stones {A Pastel!Dan...by mikey
"Queer, Daddy's Boy, Prick." Dan Howell is your average crybaby. His father is a priest, so he grew up loving the church and everything around him. Wore crosse...
Oneshot Phanfics: Short Oneshot Phanfics by memetrash_
Oneshot Phanfics: Short Oneshot Ph...by Space Child
So I'm going to write some really really short phanfictions only about a paragraph or two long. Im using this to just update very short Phanfics. So they'll take seconds...
I Almost Thought You Were Gone: Phanfiction by memetrash_
I Almost Thought You Were Gone: Ph...by Space Child
When Dan and Phil decide to take a walk around London for a night as it all goes well. When the unthinkable happens. For nearly a week Dan almost thought he would never...
The Pianist and the Artist ~Phan~ by crescendohowell
The Pianist and the Artist ~Phan~by crescendohowell
Dan the pianist and Phil the artist are neighbor who meet and quickly become friends. Together they figure out their careers and lots of fluffy, cute phan.
Dancing With The Vampire (Phan AU) by _xblackwolfx_
Dancing With The Vampire (Phan AU)by Catlynn
Dancing With the Vampire A Phanfiction by _xblackwolfx_ There's a handsome new boy in Manchester and he has everybody talking. Stunningly tall and devastatingly pale, al...
Moving In with Dan and Phil by Reading_Lordess
Moving In with Dan and Philby Reading_Lordess
Elana Brass lives in a care home in Hackney, London. Her parents left her at the front of a corner shop door when she was only 3 months old. Her idols, Dan and Phil, st...
Dan and Phil One Shots  by Romansrambles
Dan and Phil One Shots by Roman
This has Dan x Phil, Dan x Reader, Phil x Reader, and Dan x Phil x Reader (Or Dan and Phil x Reader). Most of the x readers with be gender neutral, if they aren't I'll p...
New Pet - Phan by JulienneJc
New Pet - Phanby JulienneJc
Phil and Dan goes and sees Jule and Jaelin's new pet
Phan Oneshots by TheDorkWhoLovesPhan
Phan Oneshotsby AvalonBell
So, I wanted to put my oneshots on here and not just tumblr, so here is just a compilation of all my short stories. I'll be putting on tws at the beginning of every stor...
746 Love Letters by NonKawaiiPhanTrash
746 Love Lettersby PhanTrash
'Can this day get any worse?!' Phil thought to himself as he ran away from the bullies running after him. After a while they stop running after him and Phil went to his...
Dan and Phil: Two British Nerds by memetrash_
Dan and Phil: Two British Nerdsby Space Child
Dan and Phil have been living together for a few years and are very similar best friends. When Dan thinks he may have feelings for his friend Phil he doesn't want Phil t...
Happy New Year! - Phan by JulienneJc
Happy New Year! - Phanby JulienneJc
Phil, Dan, Cry, Jule and Jaelin watches the New Year's count down together.
Dan's Phanfictions by JulienneJc
Dan's Phanfictionsby JulienneJc
Jule demands Dan to show her his fanfictions while Phil watches.
Living London (An AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire fanfiction) by Mynixi
Living London (An AmazingPhil and...by Mynixi
(Part 2 of My Neighbors the YouTubers) Rachel returns to London, living this time a a street away from Dan and Phil. She's brought her friend Abby with her, who is to be...
The youtuber library by katiedaboss
The youtuber libraryby katiedaboss
Just imagine a youtuber library. (A fic that wattpad user amazingmourice and I wrote one time) Odd numbers are me, even numbers are her.
Accidental Love by plantpml
Accidental Loveby plantpml
Dan and Phil's lives are going great. They've been on tour and traveled around the globe. And Halloween is just around the corner. They're having an amazing time. But t...
New Disney Movie - Phan by JulienneJc
New Disney Movie - Phanby JulienneJc
It was quiet for countless seconds. Only to be filled with Dan's little song tune. "IF YOU COULD MAKE A DISNEY MOVIE WHAT WOULD IT BE ABOUT!?" Dan yelled as I...