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Willow Academy (Spanking Story) by WillowXWriters
Willow Academy (Spanking Story)by WillowXWriters
Penny and Owen Kherrington are a freshman and a sophomore at the illustrious boarding school, Willow Academy. Unfortunately for them, their three older brothers, Ben, Da...
The Bodyguard (Hosie) by AlexandriaMaxim
The Bodyguard (Hosie)by Alexandria Maxim
Josie Saltzman's life is in danger. Her father, Mr. Saltzman hired a bodyguard to protect her. But she hates being watched, so she does everything she could to make her...
Crimson Gold by DragonLord39
Crimson Goldby DragonLord39
My name is Ryan Mercer. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I'm all of these things. 10 years ago, they took me and turned me into what I am today. Now I hunt...
jack harlow by fanficszx1
jack harlowby fanficszx1
Jayde gets introduced to Jack because she's friends with a lot of famous people.
Life Is Strange Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios (Finished) by Curseblood17
Life Is Strange Boyfriend/Girlfrie...by Curseblood17
I haven't found any of these so I thought I should make it. Requests closed since this book is finished. It can be that the first few chapters have a lot of typos but th...
Slugterra: The New Shane by CyanSparks
Slugterra: The New Shaneby CyanSparks
Alana lives in Slugterra, an amazing underground world. For years she lived with Will Shane- until he disappeared. Now, she's been living on her own, fighting against Th...
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What He doesn't Know by dandan101
What He doesn't Knowby Danielle
Dana McAllister has given herself over to prostitution as a means of getting out of her desperate situation. When she meets the young multi-millionaire, Richard Hanistan...
Never Let Me Go (Brock Lesnar) by CheyenneFanFics
Never Let Me Go (Brock Lesnar)by CheyenneFanFics
***Sequel to Beauty and The Beast*** Brock and Casey have been married for five years now. Casey hasn't wrestled since the wedding but Brock's been busy working with...
Zoey 101 Season 1 (Dustin Brooks love story) On Hold by Dreamer1
Zoey 101 Season 1 (Dustin Brooks l...by Xena Anderson
Read to find out how two best friends, falls in love with each other Will slowly update, but might not be any time soon
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expecting This by BUBSTER_Na_Na_
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expec...by Savannah
I was not expecting to turn into werewolf on my 16th birthday, definitely not expecting the word Mate to be real and very legit and like the god damn cherry on top my p...
the distance between us ; saida by run2mina
the distance between us ; saidaby mari
sana is an idol who is a soloist. dahyun is just one of her fans. what happens when fate brings them together? characters: sana, dahyun, chaeyoung, mina, momo, twice Aug...
i just might love you (a hosie royalty au) by getthisbrod
i just might love you (a hosie roy...by getthisbrod
A medieval the bachelorette with action and violence. Or "I am a sl*t for royalty au's and hope could have chemistry with a potato." was the premise of this fi...
Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfiction ♪COMPLETED & Wattys2016♪ by Believe4Ever14
Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfictio...by Savanna
#20 in Wattys2016Fanfiction Selena Miller goes to a camp for Summer Break called Camp Rock. Her friend Mitchell is there, and Selena keeps Mitchy's secret safe, 'she's t...
DARKNESS [Republished] by marengkars
DARKNESS [Republished]by rina's pet
Will Jemimah Caldejon be the light in Dana Brual's dark world? A PikaBabe story!!
MNL48 One Shots (closed) by gabbskribikin
MNL48 One Shots (closed)by [CLOSED]
•Open for request• Request Form: Ship: Plot: °Highest Story Rankings° #1 on #Dian #1 on #Coleen #1 on #Gabb #1 on #Sheki #1 on #Yzabel #1 on #Brei
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Moon & Sun [GL] by tuk-tuk-collab
Moon & Sun [GL]by Official Collab Account
'එල කිරි සුපිරි පර්සි ජැක්සන් බල ගැන්වූ කිරි කියපි!' 'ඇත්තටම ඔයා කෙල්ලෙක්ද කොල්ලෙක්ද?'
triad princess ♡ saida by fairyjendeukie
triad princess ♡ saidaby vivi
dahyun is a high school student who also has another part of life other than being a school girl; she's a gang member. her father is the leader of their triad. sana is...
Oh Brother! by CartoonFF
Oh Brother!by CartoonFF
Lincoln Loud is the Oldest of the Loud children, and with his Mother gone and his father shutting himself out, Lincoln needs to be the parent his sisters need, although...
Reunited and Love (a Cole  Pendery love story) by Liv1dforever
Reunited and Love (a Cole Pendery...by Liv
Reunited and Love (A Cole Pendery love story) Don't you just love it when your mom has been hiding the biggest secret from you for half of your life?! That happened to...
Fly Away Hero - A Colton Love Story by AradialovesIM5
Fly Away Hero - A Colton Love Storyby AradialovesIM5
Cole Pendery and Dalton Rapattoni fall in love.