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Dog pics by skyeandme
Dog picsby Puppy lover
Random pics of dogs at certain times of the day in this case my dog.
Klungo Vs. Luigi by Aja-chan1
Klungo Vs. Luigiby Aja
Original request by Idol: klungo and fpzero get robbed at point blank. the world is our world and it takes place at fps house. they seek revenge against the robbers. you...
Understanding Our Brain by IMAditiS
Understanding Our Brainby HealthyMentalMind
People say it's always good to make a person feel superior to their disabilities but I feel we need to make them aware of what kind of situation they are going through...
Kicked to the Curb by Livin_la_Vida_Loca15
Kicked to the Curbby Halle
Elle Parks has made it her goal to play professional soccer since her father gave her little 3 year old hands her first soccer ball. Since then she had played nonstop, c...
The Best ways to hire the experienced Concrete Contractor by Lisashem
The Best ways to hire the Lisa Shem
When you are considering looking for the Driveway Concrete Contractors for any type of the project, it is quite much imperative that one should be reminded that the conc...
Seed of India weight loss by bakercharlotte
Seed of India weight lossby Nuez dela India
How to take nuez de la India is the biggest question you might face? In India buying cashews is not a difficult task because this country produces amazing quality of nut...
A Middle School Heart by kkatiemarie14
A Middle School Heartby Katie :)
A collection of poetry and songs that I write as I go through middle school. They usually are a way for me to vent or tell someone something... They can be dark, but tha...
Guide You by ShadowsWithin
Guide Youby ShadowsWithin
Death is something that comes to all of us. It is one thing that we all have in common. We live to die. Then why do we mourn the dead so much? It is simply because you l...
Fate's Choice (ON HOLD) by PaperOfGlass
Fate's Choice (ON HOLD)by Maddy
Alba Parks has long awaited this moment. It's finally here and now she has to act before it's too late. But now there are complications. How far is she willing to go to...
Sebastian's Imouto (Black Butler Fanfiction) by ryouumiii
Sebastian's Imouto (Black Butler Annie
(This plot is entirely made up btw do nothing is real k) Did you know Sebastian was once an angel? With a family, and a little sister whom he loved so much, but that cha...