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PewDieCry: Experience by FlyLemon
PewDieCry: Experienceby FlyLemon
When Cry and PewDiePie both get accepted to take part in a competition called 'Experience2013' they, nor any of the other other contestants know what they've let themsel...
You Cant Run by skylinexcth
You Cant Runby Vae
From a 12 year old girl, surviving on her own after being abandoned by her own group. She once saves a woman and man from a town called Woodbury and her life changes aft...
Crynime: Encryption by ODDstar
Crynime: Encryptionby Kimie Ishikawa
"Guys?" No answer. "Russ, Red, Raven, Jund, Snake? Hey?" An eerie, sea-green light slowly filled the room. (O.D.D.- All credits go to Kiwa-san (≧∇≦))
The Legend - Youtubers x Reader by Kirbycake321
The Legend - Youtubers x Readerby Heyyo
Most subs in less than a month? Impossible. You proved them wrong.
Fanboys? (Various!YouTubers x Male!Reader) by bored1020
Fanboys? (Various!YouTubers x The_Girl_In_Black
You are a guy and are 23 years old. (Y/N) is a YouTuber by the name of WitchBoyEx, he's average to most and doesn't usual associates with others or do collabs because he...
Youtuber mpreg one-shots requests open by AngelaSquero
Youtuber mpreg one-shots Bisexualbitch_666
Hey basically what the title says a bunch of fanfic mpregs pew die cry, SEPTIPLIER, Phan anything and I'm looking for suggestions
Fifty Shades of Cryaotic by The_Limelight_Girl
Fifty Shades of Cryaoticby Satan Loves You
!!WARNING!! R-18 CONTENT! BOYXBOY AND SEX SLAVERY IF THIS MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE, THEN DO NOT READ!! Cry, a rich young man who owns several companies, stunning looks...
Life With PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg x Reader) by LegendOfJessica
Life With PewDiePie (Felix Jessica
Living in Florida with a manipulative mother and an absent father is difficult. But you manage, spending time away from home as often as possible with your best friend R...
Glitched! Cryaotic x Reader by IDEKAgame
Glitched! Cryaotic x Readerby Deksidoo
Put yourself into the apocalyptic world were Earth has been taken over by an alien species. Meet new friends, find love, and fight for your life in Glitched! (A Cryaotic...
We "LOVE" you... A Pewdie x mark x Reader x ken x cry x jack "COMPLETE" by Kiradenshini
We "LOVE" you... A Pewdie x mark \\∆•~💜Mrs. Weerdoo💙~•∆//
You are a youtuber you got 5.8M Subscribers you met them at Pax (or airport) and all the 5 youtubers fall in love with you. But will the end go on well??
Hunter and the Hunted (Septiplier) by Re_Written_
Hunter and the Hunted (Septiplier)by Re
(Septiplier) Twenty-four months, seven-hundred and thirty days, seventeen-thousand five-hundred and twenty hours. That's how long ago it began, the outbreak. Today marks...
Cross dresser!septiplier  by borjngassperson
Cross dresser!septiplier by Sinfuliplier
Jack is the cross dresser Mark is the jock
All The Way by a_nameless_shipper
All The Wayby Fly.
Sean McLoughlin had just moved to Los Angeles because of his mom's job. The move was a big change from Ireland. High school wouldn't be all that bad, however. There were...
You're In Awfully Early {Septiplier} by CaddyCorner
You're In Awfully Early { Kel
Sequel to "You're Up Awfully Late" It's been four years since: Jack and Mark announced their relationship. Felix and Ken last spoke to each other. Bob and Wade...
Strange Love by devildog235
Strange Loveby devildog235
You live in the year of 6500,name of (Y/N) (L/N). You go to March high school, you go to archery class. You really don't care for life, but you deal with it. Your always...
I'll see you again, someday. ( ji yeong x sae byeok) by noiwontchangeit
I'll see you again, someday. ( kayshin wong
In the fourth game when Ji Yeong got shot, she didn't die, she got sent to the er to remove the bullet from her head. And when sangwoo cut sae byeoks neck in ep 8 it was...
Dancing With Demons  by CerebroInteritus
Dancing With Demons by Centiritus
I suck at titles lol. And descriptions. Eh, Anywaysss ~~~~~~~~~~ "Shit we have to leave!" Without any second to spare, Felix bolted down the hall, dragging...
Elements ~Septiplier~ by IceyWolf101
Elements ~Septiplier~by Icey_Wolf
When four leaders of four tribes are called to fight together and uncover their true potential. Things take a toll on our four brave hero's'. Ethan, the leader of the Wa...
Bad Cop by JoyceBellie
Bad Copby Joy
Mark and Jack meet in a bar. They have a connection almost instantly and talk all night. Mark is very proud of his job as a police officer. But Jack on the other hand do...