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The Legend - Youtubers x Reader by Kirbycake321
The Legend - Youtubers x Readerby Heyyo
Most subs in less than a month? Impossible. You proved them wrong.
Life With PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg x Reader) by LegendOfJessica
Life With PewDiePie (Felix Jessica
Living in Florida with a manipulative mother and an absent father is difficult. But you manage, spending time away from home as often as possible with your best friend R...
My Crew~ Banana Bus Squad 2p X Reader X Youtubers [Completed] by MissYuri109
My Crew~ Banana Bus Squad 2p X Ruby
~This is my second book I have made of a Vanoss Crew x Reader~ (Y/n) was abused by her parents but she couldn't take it anymore. At the age of 15 she woke up in the midd...
Smutty Oneshots by molavia
Smutty Oneshotsby Johnny Bravo
These are only little smutty oneshots. I write those, when I'm bored and none of my Smut RP partner are writing back right now. It's really just raw M/M smut. I will pu...
Cross dresser!septiplier  by borjngassperson
Cross dresser!septiplier by Sinfuliplier
Jack is the cross dresser Mark is the jock
YouTuber Boyfriend Scenarios  (editing) by CrankyCrew713
YouTuber Boyfriend Scenarios ( Cranky Crew
Includes so far : Markiplier Jacksepticeye Crankgameplays Cryaotic Shane Dawson PewDiePie Colby Brock Sam Golbach Requests are closed) Currently editing the chapters
ალისფერი ალიონი 🔞SCARLET SUNRISE 🌇 by ImLeeSanni
ალისფერი ალიონი 🔞SCARLET 𝓛𝓮𝓮"💫
❌18+ smut scenes.❌ {თეიონგი მისთვის პირველი და ერთადერთი იყო,ვინც ერთდროულად ენით აღუწერელ ტკივილსა და სიამოვნებას ანიჭებდა. მას შეეძლო ჯოჯოხეთამდე ეტკინა, ან სამოთხემდ...
You're In Awfully Early {Septiplier} by CaddyCorner
You're In Awfully Early { Kel
Sequel to "You're Up Awfully Late" It's been four years since: Jack and Mark announced their relationship. Felix and Ken last spoke to each other. Bob and Wade...
Gone Like Lightning (Youtuber ships... kinda) by KarelByome90
Gone Like Lightning (Youtuber Karelbynomonous
Mark, Jack, Cry and Felix are all neighborhood friends. They do normal things that any group of friends would do in grade school. Hang out, water fights, video games, sp...
the game. (YouTubers) comic\manga by LineTown
the game. (YouTubers) comic\mangaby mirrordream
yeah,yeah. I know. it's weird to put a comic in wattpad. I wanted to so whatever. (I OWN THE COMIC SO PLS RESPECT AND DON'T OWN IT) "There's allot of things we don'...
Different [A Superhero AU] - Book One by AngelWingInspiration
Different [A Superhero AU] - It's Annalise!
"You're evil. You've killed people." Seán "Jack" McLoughlin thought that he would always be "that kid from Ireland." He didn't ask to be...
A Septiplier Story by Septiplierm
A Septiplier Storyby Septiplierm
Mark and Jack are in highschool.Jack is the shy popular boy,and everyone loves him.But Mark is the depressed boy in highschool,and he is always bullied by some dudes,bec...
Fanboys? (Various!YouTubers x Male!Reader) by bored1020
Fanboys? (Various!YouTubers x The_Girl_In_Black
You are a guy and are 23 years old. (Y/N) is a YouTuber by the name of WitchBoyEx, he's average to most and doesn't usual associates with others or do collabs because he...
You Cant Run by skylinexcth
You Cant Runby Vae
From a 12 year old girl, surviving on her own after being abandoned by her own group. She once saves a woman and man from a town called Woodbury and her life changes aft...
pretty // septiplier by bottomash
pretty // septiplierby röv
"you always call me pretty and it makes me angry because i like when you call me pretty, but you shouldn't be calling me pretty, and i think there's a part of you t...
~Is this okay?~ ((Pewdiecry)) ((TRIGGER WARNING)) by yaoiissomethinginnit
~Is this okay?~ ((Pewdiecry)) (( Poodiecreh
"How. Fucking. Dare. You." Felix hissed as he came close to the bastard. "I can handle looks. I can handle whispers. But when you say that to my face? And...
Glitched! Cryaotic x Reader by IDEKAgame
Glitched! Cryaotic x Readerby Deksidoo
Put yourself into the apocalyptic world were Earth has been taken over by an alien species. Meet new friends, find love, and fight for your life in Glitched! (A Cryaotic...
THE BULLY(Septiplier) (completed) by Kittycatkeke
THE BULLY(Septiplier) (completed)by A shit head 🤡👍
Mark a huge jock in YouTube highschool and everybody loves him! But somebody Loves him as a boyfriend! Sean a nerd who doesn't get a lot of friends....but he like mark...
SNS - ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ | cry! virus by monomoru_
SNS - ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ | cry! virusby ʜᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ
[Cry!Virus Fanfiction] [x reader] Pesan itu ... Awal dari segalanya. Ketika malam membosankanmu terganggu dengan sebuah pesan misterius, apa yang akan kau lakukan? Art c...