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reinforcements {a criminal minds fan fic} {s.reid} by criminalmindsspy
reinforcements {a criminal minds kam morris
when a case doesn't go exactly as planned Dahlia has to assume a fake life away from people she loves for her own safety... but what happens when the people she loves ar...
Until Your Coming Back (Girls Club Series #2) | SOON by Niningxx
Until Your Coming Back (Girls Niningxx
Afaril Beatrix Frezilia a girl who knows how to intereact with others, inshort she's friendly and funny until she met Dreijin Andersen Gomez because of her friendliness.
Revised Penal Code by NezroT
Revised Penal Codeby Nezro
The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines for law students and future criminologists.
Love of My Life ➸ Rossi [0] by -faith-and-soul
Love of My Life ➸ Rossi [0]by 💫 faith ✨
LOVE OF MY LIFE | ❝you're the love of my life, and you always will be, but our timing will never be right.❞ ( DAVID ROSSI x OC ) prequel to the history series. started...
Torn Apart by _summerscent
Torn Apartby SummerScent
This is Iloilo Series #1 It's just a simple story of two people who falls in love and then fell apart. A student from Iloilo National High School and University of Iloi...
Turn of Fate (Bet Series #1) by bitterbeaut
Turn of Fate (Bet Series #1)by brat
Bet Series #1 Lauren being a Marseille, grew up being just as uptight and distant as the household she's from. She expected things to be smoothly in-control when she was...
THE COPS by AriaL666
THE COPSby Arial Keot
"Cops work for a CAUSE not APPLAUSE." "It's a tough job which rarely receives appreciation. Cops choose to be cops for one reason only. They want to help...
Sweet Revenge (ANGEL turns into EVIL) by joe_rika
Sweet Revenge (ANGEL turns into joe_rika
Angel Fernandez don't like criminologists, pero na-fall sya sa isa sa mga ito. But it end up hurting her to the point she was thinking of her "Sweet Revenge"...
A Princess In The World season 1 (English) by BarbaraRodriguez094
A Princess In The World season 1 ( Barnie
It is a novel based on the story of Elizabeth Stricol, a girl who believes she has a normal life, of course, with a normal life she refers to being the second most famou...
Criminal Behavior by outshone
Criminal Behaviorby outshone
❝I’ll study you and you’ll study me❞ he breathed down my neck huskily, his warm breath creating goosebumps all over my body. It’s like he had some sort of trance over me...
Forensic Criminology Bureau Series "Case 1 - Silent Witness" by DanandRyan
Forensic Criminology Bureau Dan and Ryan
Join Detective Tyler and his team of experts with M.E Mike, to solve cases and crimes happening in Ryca City. Enjoy!
Inside the mind of a Serial killer by Hibakulsum89
Inside the mind of a Serial killerby Hibakulsum89
There's no country that's been immune to a serial killer.No matter what country, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic background, education, familial background, they are all...
Among Us (boyxboy) [ON HOLD] by kyayna
Among Us (boyxboy) [ON HOLD]by kyayna
When Duncan starts working for Dr. Prescott, he doesn't know what he should expect. The gorgeous psychologist is unpredictable and makes Duncan fall for him almost immed...
Case File by MaRiaLovatic_107
Case Fileby Mariam Moawia
13+ "Sharna Davis, Detective Sharna Davis. Remember that name well, Detective" Sharna Davis is a young ambitious Detective trying to begin her career, she does...
Mignonette | Spencer Reid by darkreddreaming
Mignonette | Spencer Reidby sam
Spencer Reid and his new neighbor got off to a rocky start. Their bickering should end when they both find out they are both employed at the Behavioral Analysis Unit of...
SOCIOLOGY OF CRIMES AND ETHICS by seventeentwentytwo
Articles published in here arent mine. These are from my review notes when I was preparing for the licensure examinations in 2017.
The Multiverse Theory by Andromeda0595
The Multiverse Theoryby Andromeda
There is always mystery surrounding us. Some we can solve and others we cannot begin to grasp. This is a story about parallel universes and how one man.. or two if you w...
Forensic Fiction: Your Guide to Writing Investigations by SethWaylin
Forensic Fiction: Your Guide to Seth Waylin
Let's be honest with each other: writers have a thirst for putting death and crime in their fiction. It makes for interesting content, and if you've got a mystery on you...