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There's A Reason - A Larry Stylinson Love Story by in_L_O_V_E
There's A Reason - A Larry Kaitlyn James
Harry Styles has the perfect life. He's a part of international superstar band One Direction, and he has four amazing best friends: Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Louis T...
Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Styles by whoooopdeedoo
Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Stylesby whoooopdeedoo
After Skylar Cowell's mother died, her father turned into the opposite of who he used to be. After some horrific events, Skylar is sent to live in London with her Uncle...
Pink *Niall Horan Fan Fiction* by xKatayaWinstonx
Pink *Niall Horan Fan Fiction*by Kataya Winston
Who am I? I'm Heather Cowell. Yeah, you read that right. I am the daughter of Simon Cowell. Sometimes I think my dad is crazy... but this time, maybe he's gone insan...
Simon's Daughter by Cassie_G4840
Simon's Daughterby Cassie
Simon Cowell’s got a daughter. Who knew, right? Well, not even his own daughter knew until her mother dropped the bomb on her. Abriella Melody Cowell is 17 years old, li...
Kiss Me. A Lilo Story. by damnedifidont
Kiss Me. A Lilo Soph
What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? Not only best friend, but also band mate. Will Liam Payne finally get his chance with Louis Tomlinson after a...
Simon Cowells Niece *Book 1* by Writergirl273
Simon Cowells Niece *Book 1*by Hayley<3
I ran into the hospital doors not daring to let the tears spill out. I probably looked like a wreck! I hadn’t slept or ate anything since I got the call, swiftly after I...
Perfect // 1D AU  ✓ by captainsunlinson
Perfect // 1D AU ✓by Oops!
{BOOK ONE} Five criminals are recruited by a businessman to rob a casino. Harry's the getaway driver with bad health who ultimately always runs away. Louis is the expert...
Bullied, Beaten, and Loved? by musicmaniac116
Bullied, Beaten, and Loved?by Mikayla
Hi, my name's Miranda Miller. I'm 16 almost 17 years old. I have an older brother named Dane, but he moved away into a house our unle bought him. I live with my mom and...
Stuck in a lift with one direction by CLQuinn
Stuck in a lift with one directionby CLQuinn
Brianna, Chloe, Alexa and Ashley are 4 best friends going to watch one direction on the XFactor tour but they get distracted by 5 boys they meet in the lift and end up s...
What A Feeling // 1D AU ✓ by captainsunlinson
What A Feeling // 1D AU ✓by Oops!
{BOOK THREE} 3 million dollars is on the table. That means it's time to get the "band" back together. No one can be left out for this job - so that means pul...
It all started with a Kik (Watty Awards 2014) by LynneRose
It all started with a Kik (Watty Lynne Rose
Official Trailer: Ordinary girl? She used to be. Lynne Rose used to have a normal life, directioner, soon to...
Infinity //1D AU ✓ by captainsunlinson
Infinity //1D AU ✓by Oops!
{BOOK TWO} In the process of trying to stop a marriage, several sinister plots are discovered and an old friend resurfaces. An old bully of Louis' is back, but why? Nial...
Self harm- Harry Styles & Liam Payne. by HickeyOnHoran
Self harm- Harry Styles & Liam HickeyOnHoran
Harry can't deal with the hate from his fans anymore. He has found a way to let it out.
Headspace family by Sammy089Miki
Headspace familyby Sam
Ava Michaels is nineteen years-old. Needing money to pay for university, she takes a gap year to work as a babysitter, a job given to her by an employment agency. What s...
In Real Life *Book 2* by Writergirl273
In Real Life *Book 2*by Hayley<3
Book Two of the Infinity Series: First Book is Simon Cowells Niece: Hayley ended her relationship with Liam in order to save his job, she also quit dancing as a backgrou...
Don't Look Back - A Niam Horayne Love Story by in_L_O_V_E
Don't Look Back - A Niam Horayne Kaitlyn James
Liam Payne has been secretly dating his One Direction band mate, Niall Horan, for months. Now that they've helped fix Louis and Harry's relationship, they can focus on t...
Holding My Breath ~ Larry Stylinson by KirstyHoran
Holding My Breath ~ Larry Stylinsonby Kirsty
TRAILER: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson just don't get along. Management tells them to put on a smile for the camera's, but...
Will You Still Call Me Superman? (Harry Styles) by Orgaziam
Will You Still Call Me Superman? ( Isabella
Harry Styles has messed up. Big time. He's drinking, sleeping around, ditching events and causing trouble. Why? Bridget's not particularly determined to find out. She's...
One Directions Daughter by 1Dhazzaboobear
One Directions Daughterby Hello there!
When things get out of control, & Liam can't handle having to pretty much babysit the other boys, he decides the boys are going to adopt a kid. Little did they know Soph...
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Hurt and Loved Again? by musicmaniac116
Hurt and Loved Again?by Mikayla
*Sequeal to Bullied, Beaten, Loved?* It has been two years since everything happened. Miranda has kept her distance from the guys and the girls. She is on her own for so...