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Rendezvous in the Romanowskian Empire by KaiseyEliysian
Rendezvous in the Romanowskian ⏳
"And... the fifth rule," he came forward, locking me between him and the slab again. "This should be the last time you talked to me like that," he lo...
The General's Jade Daughter |An Original Wuxia Novel (under rewrite) by Amor_Novella
The General's Jade Daughter |An Xifang Xian Yue
Jade Daughter: The favored/precious daughter * * * * * "All I wanted...was to be loved. Was that too much to ask?" Qing Fei Lan lived the most of her life bein...
Whole (boyxboy) by Naturalin
Whole (boyxboy)by Naturalin
Deon's brother is sold as a concubine to a prince. Warning: This story contains mature content and twincest (18+).
The Dragon and his Flower by c4pta1n
The Dragon and his Flowerby M.J.H
"I am a dragon protecting the loveliest of flowers." After many years of hardships there is finally peace in the White Dragon Empire and the citizens celebrate...
Beast within the Beauty || A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Bemythyst
Beast within the Beauty || A Jenna R. Bloom
"Well, well, well." I felt the entirety of my body stiffen. "Pray tell," the masculine voice murmured as his chin rested down onto my shoulder, "...
Chinese Novels by Rose_5123
Chinese Novelsby Nina
(Ongoing) Looking for Chinese novel? These are the Chinese novel I've read so far. Romance, transmigrator, reincarnation, revenge, modern, etc Disclaimer: I do not own...
Swampy (Zuko x Reader) by Katjaface
Swampy (Zuko x Reader)by Katjaface
A blood bender from the swamp lands is ready to give the Fire Lord a piece of her mind for destroying part of her home. Luckily, she runs into Team Avatar and is persuad...
Love In The Palace by ponytailedClaire
Love In The Palaceby ponytailedClaire
She was sold to a richer family, and then substituted their daughter to be a palace servant candidate at 15. As news spread fast like the wind, she knows that a palace s...
||The Empress|| by Roses_and_flowers
||The Empress||by Rose.
Qi Lan Fen is a modern business woman, Having built her empire from scratch, She is very proud of herself and what she has done. She is beautiful and naturally she has m...
The Pharaoh's Concubine  by PeachyBangtanie
The Pharaoh's Concubine by PeachyBangtanie
The mysterious power of a serpentine bracelet threw Ivy into ancient Egypt . At a banquet that smelt of coup , she met Sese , the son of Pharaoh . The young man fell in...
The War Empress by KeomanyLor
The War Empressby Keomany Lor
Xi CaiYi is a tough and cruel Military 40 year old woman who has won all of the battles for her country and is hailed as a patriot. But in one bloody war, she loses her...
My Zulu King  by Nozi_Pixie
My Zulu King by Nozipho Luthuli
I must be dreaming! How is that in the whole universe God decided to choose me to go back in time. The worst part is that I'm getting married to the Zulu King who alread...
Queensmen by _logogriph
Queensmenby FADEX
What's a queen to do when her bloodline is on the brink of extinction and the world's newest warlord is knocking at her castle's gates? The answer is obvious. She switch...
Healerby Sam
As a former concubine to the emperor, Jimin has been through enough hell to last him a lifetime. But when the monks decide to send him to live with a group of healers in...
Lie Diao Chan is a 17-year-old girl, the first child of an Emperor's favorite war general named General Lie. Once when Diao Chan was hunting with hers servant Nana, she...
Dont disturb a novel by 3mazing
Dont disturb a novelby 3mazing
A novel should stay as it is! Agent FH-257 is an agent in a mysterious company. Her job is to travell through different novels to solve troubles created by transmigrants...
To Kill A King - (SasuNaru) by BlinkToTheDamn182
To Kill A King - (SasuNaru)by BlinkToTheDamn182
Sasuke Uchiha is the king of Konoha. All his people worship him and believe he is a great king but within those people are individuals who want Sasuke dead. There are en...
EMPRESS by aurum_autumn
NEW EDITED VERSION ON MY PROFILE. YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ THAT INSTEAD OF THIS. Wu Ze Tian was the only empress in the history of China. This is the story of her rise t...
Rebirth: The Emperor's Obsession ▶️ by chubbyeol_jones
Rebirth: The Emperor's Obsession ▶️by chubbyeol_jones
Chanyeol is playboy. He has the money, the looks, the charm. He loves to be in control in both business and his personal life. Love is for losers and friendship is for s...
His Third Lifetime Attempting To Win The Ruthless Crown Prince Love by iLyna_chAn
His Third Lifetime Attempting To Frost Winter
(ON HOLD) Xu Bu tong has lived two lifetimes loving a certain man and, in each lifetime, he couldn't earn his love, he doesn't know why he remembers each lifetime at a c...