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Kpop Fanchants | Book 2 by a_dreaming_writer_
Kpop Fanchants | Book 2by a_dreaming_writer_
You too you crave to sing along with the fans at kpop concert? Or at least to be able to chant from behind your computer? Well this is the book 2 of my Fanchants book! Y...
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Polygraph Eyes // Yungblud by parkhillromance
Polygraph Eyes // Yungbludby ?¿
Got to go forensic, avoid the domestic, get antiseptic and give him the polygraph eyes. Turn your head to the side and lie to the real life. (June 8th)
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Daniel Seavey Imagines by tomhollandd22
Daniel Seavey Imaginesby :))
Daniel Seavey Imagines Started 1-22-19 ©Tomhollandd22
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Living with the Famous Boy Band (Boy Band, #1) by laurenrains
Living with the Famous Boy Band ( Lauren
Spring Courtez has lost her will to live. After the life changing death of her mother, her world seemed to stop functioning. Until she became one of the fans of a famous...
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Gloom Boy by PierceTheTori1
Gloom Boyby Tori Marie
Just a Awsten Knight fanfiction because there isn't enough of them tbh ;^) • In this X reader, Awsten will be 20, and you will be just turning 18. • Other things you may...
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A Wrong Turn Into Yesterday by JeanLouise
A Wrong Turn Into Yesterdayby JeanLouise
**Completed** Out of a stadium filled with 50,000 screaming girls why did he have to single out the one person that really couldn't care less. Corey Santaski, the milli...
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tour with me | j.d by brikellerxo
tour with me | j.dby brittney
she's your typical dream following girl, accompanied by her bestfriends in their band Keep Me Ready. josh was a fan of not only her band, but the beautiful girl that wa...
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The Little Stranger by jayjay33
The Little Strangerby Ann
Successful musician and rockstar, Jake Kavanagh was enjoying his success and looking forward to releasing his new album, But then his world is turned upside down by t...
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Deserted ( A Michael Jackson FanFiction Story) by 100kitty
Deserted ( A Michael Jackson 100kitty
Copyright © 2016 by 100kitty All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission in...
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The Jonas Sister by -AprilWinds-
The Jonas Sisterby Agent: Eliza Stark
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the Jonas Brother's, OR any of their music. Officer Sky demanded, "Justice is served only to those whom need it." I then snapped, &quo...
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17 & Pregnant By Yk Osiris[Fanfic] by lovingmy_lilstank
17 & Pregnant By Yk Osiris[Fanfic]by taleshia wade
Jasmine Taylor goes to a yk osiris concert for her friend birthday. She never thought about getting pulled on stage and going backstage with him would change her life.
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Stay || Post Malone || by BlurryTheOneIAm
Stay || Post Malone ||by antisocial gal
"Tell me that it's all okay."
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It's Eternal (Jelsa) by Queen_Of_Snowflakes
It's Eternal (Jelsa)by Snowflake Empress
"What do you call love when it's finished?" He asked one last time. Tears fell down. "I-I don't know." I sobbed. He smiled. "Neither do I, beca...
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Fame | Shawn Mendes by -styles-x
Fame | Shawn Mendesby -styles-x
Fame | Shawn Mendes ft. Harry Styles Jamila Carver is an international popstar after her song went viral. She tries to live her life as normal as possible but being foll...
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Wrong number(lil mosey) discontinued  by bleubrent
Wrong number(lil mosey) bleubrent
One wrong text starts a new friendship read to see what happens (SLOW UPDATES)
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Cheaters = Losers by InternetGremlin
Cheaters = Losersby Welcome To Paradise
Cheating hurts. And cheating hurts a lot more when you up and leave everything in England, follow your boyfriend halfway across the world and now you're stranded in LA...
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The Prodigy by AmandaFlynn2010
The Prodigyby AmandaFlynn2010
I picked up my violin and slipped it under my chin. I was still in a hospital gown, but I didn't care. I warmed up my strings and put my fingers down. There was no one...
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NONE OF YOUR CONCERN by Princxss._meeeee
Just read to find out
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The Sudden Way by orchen2
The Sudden Wayby Orchen2
[The fifth story] When Jackson realise his love too much for Mark. He broke down. Jackson tried to confess him when He got trapped to help Jaebum and Yugyeom. For the ot...
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Two Strange Girls||A Beatles Story by Miraculer_101
Two Strange Girls||A Beatles Storyby Ice Freak
Tessa and Faith Hills are ordinary girls with semi-ordinary lives. But what happens when an accident causes them to go into the past? September 1963 to be exact. How wil...
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