Collegeparty Stories

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Opposites Attract by afterouterbanks
Opposites Attractby hey bitch 🥂
Katie just moves from her small town in minnesota into a big city in Florida. Katie does not like to open up to people about her personal life, because her conservative...
Red Velvet by Fiona85034
Red Velvetby Fiona 85034
Enemy to Lover story!! This story about about Delia, a 23 year old girl, telling her story of how she and Adelaine became closer and closer through out college. This sto...
operation quaterback by EliTurner6
operation quaterbackby eliiiii
an incident at the fbi sends you on a new mission- going undercover at college to protect the senators son. but will your growing feelings threaten everything?
The Cheshire Cat Diamond by AcelystXSolarys
The Cheshire Cat Diamondby Lilaere Amaryltis
Stacia Chase has always loved mysteries, costumes, horror movies, and Nancy Drew. Not necessarily in that order. She lives for mysteries and old history. All of the int...
How It Is  by madsstorys
How It Is by immadimello
Caylee just want to escape her past and move on with her life, but what will happen when her past catches up with her. When she meets ty she finally fits until things ge...
that's not her dad by Luix5SOS
that's not her dadby Luix
"why do rich girls call their dad's daddy? it's just cringy to me." "october that's not her dad." "oh - that's awkward."
all work, time to play by TiffanyFields4
all work, time to playby Tiffany Fields
sometimes you gotta lift your head up from the books and enjoy life
Float by iris_ad_infinity
Floatby AnaBeth
Julianna Behr can't swim. A seemingly minor tragedy. Until one night. You see, the sidelines are a glorious thing -- until someone decides you can't sit there anymore. A...
Ghosts of the Past by kay-fandom
Ghosts of the Pastby Kay Fandom
Halloween night is like no other night. It's the one night a year that the vale between the living and the dead becomes so think that the ghosts of the past can interact...
A love story by sunny1526
A love storyby sunny1526
Lillian meats Landon at Glendale college Lillian starts to get feelings for Landon But things don't go her way There was a tragic death in Landens family Now Lillian an...
Sugar, Daddy. by lucidXXdreamer101
Sugar, lucidXXdreamer101
Kait is in her 3rd year of college and she does not know what she is doing. She changed her major 4 time in the last year. Even though she doesn't know what her major is...
Gumby by Sonofnjobu
Gumbyby Sonny
It's hard out here as a big girl. But Erik realizes that you don't need him to save you.
punk rock made me do it [harry styles] by nearness
punk rock made me do it [harry smilla
leave your lipstick on him, love him, take his number, make him want you so much that he could burst and then put on some more lipstick and leave him. don't think about...
Don't say by keepgoing15
Don't sayby <3
It was just one time at a party that marinette and Adrien did it no one knew they had done it but what she didn't expect was to get pregnant would she own up and tell th...
Party Girl by moonlightcamille
Party Girlby moonlightcamille
A life of a exploring herself and what she wants but has some obstacles and challenges she's face with before the meets her inner self. ⚠️very intense sexual scenes and...
Dating the Christmas Grinch by bookdiva04
Dating the Christmas Grinchby bookdiva04
How do you end up with a stranger's number who just happens to attend your school? Who just happens to have a class with you? Who you just managed to c...
The Girl In The Red Dress by ShortStoriesLuv
The Girl In The Red Dressby NotHaylie
You see this very pretty girl at a party and the only thing you could remember the day was her red dress with a slit down the side. Girl×Girl