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Ainz has a kid!? (Overlord) by PirateQueen14
Ainz has a kid!? (Overlord)by PirateQueen14
Demiurge once suggested to get an heir to the throne but there wasn't any child who had enough potential and Ainz can't have children. One day they find the perfect chi...
Emperor of Yggdrasil - Overlord Fanfiction (Volume 1) by Pandora_Orion
Emperor of Yggdrasil - Overlord Pandora orion
Momonga becomes the Emperor of the Yggdrasil how will he affect the new world and the other worlds? will it be destruction and chaos or peace and prosperity? #1 Momon #...
The Sith Overlord by TheKhorne
The Sith Overlordby Khorne
DMMO-RPG game Yggdrasil, a place where a powerful worrior of force can find peace from his life in real life. Once a lone worrior decided to join a mighty non-human gu...
42nd of the 41 Supreme Beings (Overlord X Gender Neutral reader) by FriendlyGamers7
42nd of the 41 Supreme Beings ( Friendly Gamers
Y/N somehow gets into Overlord. Will you change the plot, or will you let Momonga get corrupted? (Will add more tags and update the summary later :P) Part 4 of into the...
Are you REALLY sure you're a human? by MCPELuisTuican
Are you REALLY sure you're a human?by MCPELuis Tuican
Suzuki wokee up in his avatar as Momonga. All the NPCs of Nazarik gained consciouness and procrasted themselves before him. At the same time, a so called "human&quo...
Overlord- New Force by Rox18xx5
Overlord- New Forceby Roxx18
New world... a place where Ainz and his precious tomb were teleported too. The moment they came the fate of the new world has changed. But what if another force came int...
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Overlord: May The Force Be With Them by Anime0CC0Manga
Overlord: May The Force Be With Anime0CC0Manga
It Seems That We Got A Third Party Between The Jedi And Dark Side~
Bloody Hell [Carrion!Male Reader x Overlord] by Man_With_Two_Wives
Bloody Hell [Carrion!Male Reader Ciel Sakurajima
"I.... Must.... [Devour]....." That phrase always brings chills down every players spine when heard in the murky swamps of Yggdradil in it's first release, a p...
Demiurge X reader by SoullessCorpses
Demiurge X readerby Mommy Soulless
Since i found close to 0 of this I'm doing it. Demiurge X reader. You the reader have a defined look (02) and are a demon who has been wondering Yggdrasil (trapped versi...
Overlord X male Op wizard reader by jakethegamer446mvpla
Overlord X male Op wizard readerby jake the gamer 446 mvplayer
second story I had this idea on my mind fore a wile and wanted to write everything down before I forget my ideas also I need a break from my other book good luck and I h...
~The Crimson Heir To The Throne~ by Anime0CC0Manga
~The Crimson Heir To The Throne~by Anime0CC0Manga
While Ainz/Momon and Narberal/Nabe were busy adventuring, well, let's say some people would consider a curse as a blessing~
A Monster Lord? [discontinued] by Sanster69
A Monster Lord? [discontinued]by Sanster69
Male sans reader x overlord, I'd say it has good grammar, though their may be some spelling mistakes in the first few chapters Lemon warning, OP oc, & probably gore wari...
~Princess Of Nazarick~ by Anime0CC0Manga
~Princess Of Nazarick~by Anime0CC0Manga
Charlie, Princess of Lord Momonga, and the Heir to rule over Nazarick~
𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐀 𝐖𝐀𝐑 by Scott_McCockblock
𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐀 𝐖𝐀𝐑by 𝐒𝐜𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐲
Annabeth was scared of Percy after Tartarus. She understood he saved their live and was thankful they both made it out. But that didn't mean that what he did, didn't ter...
Overlord Jaune Arc. by theone799
Overlord Jaune AniAuthor
when cardin exposed Jaune's transcript he was was attacked by the so called heroes and his sister. When he awoke he was reborn in a world called earth where played a gam...
Beating heart (overlord  x Saiyan male reader) by Bread-and-Burter
Beating heart (overlord x Dangerzone
Ok, so I've been watching this anime as of late an I'm having an absolute BLAST. It's helped by the fact that Ainz is cooler from DBZ Abridged and that I generally like...
HDN+DBS & Overlord:Truth or Dare by FateGrand-overseer
HDN+DBS & Overlord:Truth or Dareby Dante
Me: Hello guys we're back with a bang. Another dare book, another group of characters and another whole new kinds of fun. Neptune: Nice intro...but I think I'll be able...
Overlord¦ the Lords bodyguard by SIEGE36
Overlord¦ the Lords bodyguardby SIEGE36
A player who has been at Momongas side since the beginning and became his personal bodyguard, stays behind for when the clock strikes twelve
Golden Ruler of Nazarick by Rox18xx5
Golden Ruler of Nazarickby Roxx18
One of the 41 players in the guild Ainz Ooal Gown, End, one of the world champion players along side Touch Me. Even though you are regarded as one of the top players in...
Strongest Even in The New World by TheCommunistPenguin
Strongest Even in The New Worldby ForceofTheFire
Left alone in a miserable world the only saving grace for Y/N is YGGDRASIL which is closing down. With nothing left he stays to the very end as the strongest solo player...