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funny danganronpa 3.0 by Doomqwer
funny danganronpa 3.0by Insanity personified
well we are back with the third incarnation of the funny danganropa series i hope you will enjoy it i always have so much fun making these
The Baby Project by shslmint
The Baby Projectby naegami
Ever heard of the 'baby project'? Now, throw that onto the ultimates of hopes peak and watch chaos ensure. Unfortunately, Makoto gets paired with the ultimate heir, Byak...
Grape and Cherry by kunashgi448
Grape and Cherryby Kuna
Himiko Yumeno is excited. Finally, her master had given Himiko permission to perform the sacred ritual. She will be able to summon the ultimate familiar, who will be by...
Murder game at miyiro prison. by PeacefullDURRR
Murder game at miyiro Peaceful
[still need a cover for this lol] When junkos "secret group" of despairs are finally put back into class, how will they react? Unfortunately, they have no memo...