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THE VARIOUS ADVENTURES of Ary Hilde by arytheadventurer
THE VARIOUS ADVENTURES of Ary Hildeby ary hilde ⋆
Art and Treasures by arytheadventurer
Art and Treasuresby ary hilde ⋆
When artistic Rose moves to her grandparents' house, she expects nothing but a boring life, ever since her parents separated. But little did she know there is a surprise...
Loner by amshinestar7778939
Lonerby Star ⭐❤
There's a girl who is always alone, no one ever wanted to be her friends because of her ex-bff that spread rumors about her. She felt so alone in this world. That was u...
(Old Af) Careful What You Do And Say by KeefsHippo1051
(Old Af) Careful What You Do And Keith Kogane
Simple one page stories and ideas I have.
anime saving suidide  by starpottersolosky
anime saving suidide by paytonsfrenchfries
this is a thing where every anime person gives things that help people when they have suicide thoughts or actions
lunch | ✓ by -foreverhopeful
lunch | ✓by lydia
everyday, the boy she sat in front of never had a lunch. until one day, the girl decided to do something about it.
Why?! by imtoolit23
Why?!by Manga.addict
A Caucasian cop and African American cop are like 2 peas in a pot and then a new police comes in that is Caucasian as well. So the 2 Caucasians get close and tend to lea...
Dattado by Captain_Sirena
Dattadoby Lorelei Balansa
Five Stars Pictures's third novel. Based on The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. Dattado has always lived among the forest as a troublemaker and a misfit. When...
the note by ArtsyGal563
the noteby Luna
pass it on - - - short story - - - Copyright 2018
Moon (#WondertheMovie)  by ambernight65
Moon (#WondertheMovie) by ☆I'ᗰ ᔕᒪOᗯ☆
Moon is a young girl with two gay dads. At school she is bullied for her family's history, until someone finally stands up for her. (Wonder the Movie entry 2017)
Eccedentesiast (extended version) by KMMBAVCU
Eccedentesiast (extended version)by Suck it canon
(This is an extended version if the my other story.) Eccedentesiast (.n) Someone who hides pain behind a smile Yeon Soo, Yeonie to her friends, if she ever got any...
Stand Tall, Charlee Haddix by sarahahint
Stand Tall, Charlee Haddixby sarahahint
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain Charlee has feared this day for years. What would they say? Would he b...
They don't deserve her by FadingInMyDreams
They don't deserve herby BrianaLove
What would you do if you saw someone hurting? Someone who needed help? #Wonderthemovie
The Girl in the Beanie by CraeCraeUnicorn
The Girl in the Beanieby CraeCraeUnicorn
As I look at the girl to my left, I watch as tears fill her eyes and she sets down her head on the desk, curling up into a ball, as, I would assume, an act of protection...
WhY Go BaCk In Time??? by phoobear360
WhY Go BaCk In Time???by KING KELSO
Is being a good person such a bad thing? Why do the jerks get the girls and the nice guys get left in the dust? Why not? *IN Need Of Cover Photo So If Y'all Have Ideas...
Kindness Is Always In Season by ginngermiller
Kindness Is Always In Seasonby ginngermiller
Kindness is what everyone in the whole world needs sometime in their lifetime. Every act of kindness grows the spirit and strengthens the soul. Loana, a 16 year old gi...
Please Recycle by CharlyManlove
Please Recycleby Charly Manlove
One act of kindness can make a world of a difference.