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Ceasefire // Malachi Boardman // Children of the Corn // by VisiannaRoselily
Ceasefire // Malachi Boardman // VisiannaRoselily
Anastasia sick of her abusive and alcoholic father takes her siblings and run away from home. She has to travel across the United States, sleeping and lounging on couche...
High King's Queen( Percy Jackson x Chronicles of Narnia ) by leslyhdz20
High King's Queen( Percy Jackson leslyhdz20
This story takes place after the Giants war. Luna Jackson is a demigod, daughter of Poseidon. What happens when The gods give the demigods a break from the wars and the...
Angelo Lo-Lettin and the Cursed Boy by Twigyjojo
Angelo Lo-Lettin and the Cursed Boyby Twigyjojo
Angelo Lo-Lettin is an average teenage guy in the realm of Esran, until one day he and his friends are transported to this realm called earth to find a kid that could ch...
Their lives by BubblePops19275
Their livesby Bubble Pops
This is a series of One-shots on the lives of the children of Joker and Harley. Each one is a different one, some are short and some are long, some of them have hidden m...