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One Night Stand with Ms. Manoban by jenlisaisreal23_
One Night Stand with Ms. Manobanby K
Jennie, a seventeen year old student had a one night stand with Lisa who is just having a vacation in South Korea that time but later went back home to Thailand. What w...
"Friends"(JenniexReader) by MrBlackHair
"Friends"(JenniexReader)by Hopie
You and Jennie have been friends forever, and that was the problem."Friends"
Property (JENNIE KIM) [COMPLETED] by caspelyhn
Property (JENNIE KIM) [COMPLETED]by caspelyhn
You were a popular in school because they all think you're so beautiful and smart that guys and also girls admiring you. But one time there is a transfer student her nam...
JENLISA ONE-SHOT by forjenniekim
Stories that pop out in my head ❤ An idea that comes from my playful imagination ❤ Originally posted on AMINO App (by me: RUBY JANE 🐼) P.S : Ain't real. Pure fiction 📗
stranger danger | taesoo [completed] by nestfluffy4
stranger danger | taesoo [ faith ⭐️
vsoo/taesoo ; BTS kim taehyung & BLACKPINK kim jisoo description is in the intro chapter Start: March 30, 2019 End: June 17, 2019
MISS KIM by bennlee
"Love will find its way again." [ VSOO FANFICTION ]
unnie ⇝ Rosé by Kookie_J_
unnie ⇝ Roséby Kookie Jar
↠ Shy girl who fall in love with a cold girl in just one day. ↠Park Chaeyoung was described as beautiful, cute, shy, nice and sincere. ↠Y/n the one who is heartless, ba...
I Hate Everything About You || Jensoo by xxclosed1316xx
I Hate Everything About You || [D]
Jennie and Jisoo have been married for ten years...things aren't going that put it mildly - Jensoo converted Original story by ©betterlIeftbIank
❝ i just wanna stay in your arms ❞ ⟶ in which jisoo is in an abusive relationship and the one who could treat her right is getting pushed away. (🕊🌨) ;; 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐄𝐓�...
Falling Slowly (Jisoo X Female Reader) by Chaengs5coursemeal
Falling Slowly (Jisoo X Female Bottom for Rosé
Transfering from America to Korea won't be hard right? Living with your annoying sister, meeting other cRaCkHeAdS and maybe someone special....although...who would fall...
Lili's Baby by ahboskiey
Lili's Babyby Karry
Unicode Available ❗SLOW UPDATE ❗
Blackpink fakeconvo! by niniandlisa
Blackpink fakeconvo!by Love jendeukie
The title describes it all Feel free to request:) just some random fakeconvo of the crackhead ehh i mean blackpink;) all the memes yall need is right here peeps HI...
fragile. by eroisle
#13 maria
A Kim Jisoo x Jeon Jungkook fanfic
Coincidence- Vsoo Fanfic by ChanelJenJen
Coincidence- Vsoo Fanficby all day in the pink
"Was it you...?" A story in which Jisoo gets a new job- and how it leads to big things.
Kitten - Jenlisa  by HarmonyStudio
Kitten - Jenlisa by Harmony Studio
Jennie is half human half cat. she has been living in a special place with other human-cats. life there was torture. But it came to the time where Jennie will be brought...
a was nothing back then but when you came to my life,it all change,you change everything and I'm thankful for you,you make me happy,you make me feel things that I didn't...
CAT GF [JENLISA] by GangpeepBloodydareYT
CAT GF [JENLISA]by GangpeepBloodydareYT
Lisa is a cat lover. she only had one cat who is leo. But Leo wasn't enough. She wanted a new one. so she asked her father to buy her a new one. When she was 10. Then sh...
별빛 : 초커밀크 1 : CONSTELLATION by -takoyakii
별빛 : 초커밀크 1 : CONSTELLATIONby ㅡ 초커라테 .
desc; ㅡ초커밀크 PT. 1. [🌿] in which jisoo finally founds her new pet, the new human-pet that will make her feel happier and cheerful and change her old, quiet self. - ﹫たこ焼...
Back In Time (JenLisa x ChaeSoo story) by ADneverStop
Back In Time (JenLisa x ChaeSoo JenLisa ❤️ SooYoung
Travel back in time to Bring the Dead Back to life!! TAGALOG-ENGLISH STORY JenLisa x ChaeSoo #BlackPink
Gladiolus | P.Jm x K.Js | by _j_ToThe_j_
Gladiolus | P.Jm x K.Js |by _j_ToThe_j_
Would you come with me? In which the King of the underworld fell for goddess of spring.